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Aussie babies first to go NZ grass-fed

Munchkin Grass Fed™ FormulaThere’s that old saying … ‘you are what you eat’.

Obviously it isn’t meant to be taken literally, otherwise I’d be a chicken sandwich and a two sneaky squares of chocolate, but the point is that what you consume is important and to be healthy you must eat healthy food.

That’s why many of us look carefully at what our food contains – especially when we’re feeding it to our children.

It is also why there’s a new, world-first product on the market. One that’s been developed after looking carefully at not just what goes into our babies’ bellies but also the bellies of some very lucky cows in New Zealand.

Yes, cows. And yes, very lucky.

The world’s first 100% New Zealand grass-fed baby formula, Munchkin Grass Fed™, has arrived in Australia and offers the ideal balance of nutrients for every stage of your baby’s first years.

Seeing as there was no industry standard for producing high-quality, 100% grass-fed milk, Munchkin created its own. The milk is sourced from New Zealand farmers who have signed up to Munchkin’s 100% Grass Fed program and receive a premium to deliver top-quality milk.

The cows are raised in the pristine landscape of New Zealand (see, very lucky!) and, because of the country’s temperate climate, they can happily graze on pasture all year round. They’re milked a maximum of twice every 24 hours and the milk they produce is naturally GMO free, grain free, and rBGH free.

But why go grass-fed? What are the benefits?

Compared with organic and other milk-based formulas produced from cows that eat a combination of silage, corn, gluten and grass, Munchkin Grass Fed has:

  • Up to five times the amount of CLA
  • An ideal balance of fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients and protein, without the addition of hormones like rBGH
  • Higher levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and beta-carotene

Munchkin Grass Fed also contains Lutein and Omega 3 fatty acids ARA and DHA (hexane free) to help support brain development and eye sight.

We chat to Mandy Sacher – leading Paediatric Nutritionist and Wholesome Child founder – about the benefits of going grass-fed.

Q: What are the benefits of grass-fed milk formula over other milk-based formulas?

A: 100% grass fed milk contains up to five times the naturally occurring conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) to boost immunity and blood sugar regulation. CLA is a fat also found in breast milk and has various benefits for babies, including boosting the immune system, improved bone mass and controlling blood sugar levels.

Grass-fed milk further combines higher levels of vitamin A and E, increased antioxidants and a healthier ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Q: Is there a difference between organic and grass fed?

A: The main difference between organic and grass fed milk is in relation to the way a cow is fed. Certified organic milk can come from cows that feed on certified organic grain, whereas only grass-fed milk specifies that the milk must come from cows that feed on grass, plants and shrubs exclusively.

Q: Munchkin Grass Fed is fortified with probiotics – why is it important to choose a probiotic formula?

A: One of the main benefits of breast milk is that it is saturated with beneficial bacteria, which influences the state of a baby’s health. A healthy gut (microbiome) is the cornerstone of good health in young children. A formula supplemented with probiotics, or prebiotics can help maintain a healthy microbiome in toddlers.

Q: Does the amount of grass in a cow’s diet matter and why is 100% grass fed important?

A: In general the more grass present in the diet of a cow, the higher the nutritional output of that milk will likely be. With that in mind, looking out for a 100 per cent grass fed distinction is important as this means that a cow is not only fed grass as part of their diet, but rather this is what makes up their diet exclusively. A 100 per cent grass fed stamp ensures that the milk is of a high quality, combining all the nutritional benefits offered by grass fed milk.


This blog post is sponsored by Munchkin Grass Fed™ Formula

How you choose to nourish your child is a personal decision and while Munchkin agrees that nothing compares to a mother’s own breast milk, for parents who bottle feed their babies, new Munchkin Grass Fed formula offers the ideal balance of nutrients. Go beyond organic, and take comfort in knowing that you are nourishing your precious bundle of joy with the best cow’s milk possible, as intended by nature.

Munchkin Grass Fed™ is available in Big W nationwide, select pharmacies and grocery stores. To buy online or to find your local stockist visit

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