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23 weeks pregnant – week by week pregnancy calendar

Week 23 Pregnancy CalendarWelcome to pregnancy week 23!  Are you glowing? It could be a slightly higher core temperature or slight weight gain … or it could be the inner glow of knowing of the miracle growing inside!

Your body

The glow of pregnancy is thought to be from a number of factors: your face is fuller due to fluid retention and slight weight gain, your body’s core temperate is slightly higher so you are warmer, along with the inner glow of knowing you are going through the miraculous joy of growing a baby. Because of the hormonal changes, you may find that your skin is the best it’s been in years. Or you may find that you suddenly have acne that you haven’t seen since the tenth grade. Drink lots of water, review your diet and, importantly, resist the temptation to pick at your skin as it can cause scarring.

When you are pregnant, you are also more likely to tan due to the melanocyte-stimulating hormone, so rupturing the acne can result in an increase in facial pigmentation known as chloasma. Remember to still wear sunscreen (and use sun protection such as a hat and sunglasses, long-sleeved clothing, and sit in the shade) and that your skin will return to your pre-pregnancy state after your baby is born.

Your baby

Sized at approximately 20cm (head to rump), your baby looks just like a little doll. Weighing approximately 520g, the teeth appear as buds within the gum line and your baby’s skin is quite saggy. This is simply because the skin grows faster than the underlying fat. Bones now have marrow and are equipped to contribute to the formation of blood cells.

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The content in this email is meant as a guide only. If you find anything worrying or unsettling, or experience any bleeding or spotting, contact your local GP, obstetrician or an emergency healthcare provider immediately.

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