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Protect what is most precious with Milton!

During baby’s first 12 months, their immune system is still developing and they are extremely vulnerable to harmful germs. By the second month, a baby’s immunity level is 35% of birth level, therefore it is crucial to keep baby’s accessories sterile when they are most susceptible to infectious agents. Milton Anti-Bacterial Tablets & Anti-Bacterial Solution effectively disinfects and sanitises breast expression equipment, feeding utensils,  toys and many other plastic household items without the need for boiling or expensive electric sterilising units.

Milton Antibacterial sterlising fluid is non-toxic and provides hospital grade disinfection in only 15 minutes. Milton is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria such as E. Coli & Staphylococcus, viruses, fungi and spores (tough dormant bacteria). The Milton sterilising solution is reusable for up to 24 hours and there is no need to rinse sterilised products before use.

Milton Antibacterial Sterilising fluid has been used in Australian hospitals for many years and is a simple, trusted method for keeping babies accessories sterile and free from harmful germs either at home or while travelling

Always ready the label & use only as directed.


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