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Innovations Sports Physiotherapy has a Women’s Health Physio who is experienced in treating a wide range of Pregnancy and Post Natal Issues. We also Post-Natal Pilates Classes. These classes are run by our very experienced physiotherapists, which will ensure the exercises you are doing are being preformed correctly and are safe for you to be doing. Our classes are mat based classes with small equipment including swiss balls, foam rollers, therabands and chi balls.   

Women’s Health Physiotherapy
Our Women’s Health Physio specialises in treating pregnancy and post-natal women in pain as well as addressing any issues that can arise after giving birth. For example incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain and pelvic floor weakness. We are able to provide a comprehensive assessment of how your body is adapting to the changes taking place during this period of your life. We will then work together with you to develop an individualised treatment plan to help your body cope with the changes that are occurring.

Post-Natal Pilates Class
Our Post-Natal Class has a maximum of 4 people per class. We only allow 4 people, as you are able to bring your newborn with you. These classes help you to regain control of your CORE and PELVIC FLOOR muscles after the birth of your baby. These classes will also help to increase your overall strength post birth. Caring for a growing baby requires a lot of strength - these classes will help to build that strength.  These classes will also help to prepare your body for higher intense exercise.
Please either call us on 9960 3798 or visit our website - - for more information
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