Hi, so i was on here 2 years ago when going through ivf ( due to dh having a vasectomy) and found everyone here very supportive, now im back in the game of ttc again this time dh is getting a vasectomy reversal.
Anyone ttc early 2017 feel free to join me in this thread!!

Im 30, dh 36. I have 3 kids from previous relationship, dh has 2. We still really want one together.

Ivf was horrible. After all the stress, clinic visits 2 hours away, bt, needles...12 eggs taken, 1 made it and was transfered. Bfn.
We are booked in to see Dr Robert Woolcott for vr 9th Feb 2017. 75 days till reversal, another 4 weeks waiting to heal before we can even start. Not that im counting. Aaarrhhh the waiting is killing us lol.
Anyone else been through reversal after ivf and what is your opinion and out come?