Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone knows or has experience with Augment (mitochondrial energy transfer ) which is used in Canada ?
Also , has anyone used Embryogen and blastgen culture (I think city fertility maybe do it) ?

My partner & I have had 8 failed IVF cycles (38 yo) and are looking at ways to improve embryos , which can get to day 3 , but struggle after that. Have had 1 x 5 day blast but it didn't take.
We get 8-14 eggs which is good , but they don't seem to be progressing.
Sperm tests counts and motility are fine & DNA frag test come back very good.
I am researching ways to improve embryo quality. Have done DHEA, melatonin , Co Q10, vit D, Chinese herbs, accupuncture , bump fertility diets - the works

So if anyone has any lastest or new info - ones I mentioned above , id love to hear from you !

Thanks Matt