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    Quote Originally Posted by DT75 View Post
    Thanks hun.
    I have always been a 'just get on with it' person... but I have physically, mentally and emotionally reached the end of my rope. Am seeing a psych and gp today to hopefully get some help.
    If not, H is paying for a nanny whether he wants to or not.
    DT75 is is possible for you to go to a sleep school? I've been with both my kids and it has literally been life changing. Apologies if that's not an option for you at the moment.

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    Wake at 6am, 1st nap after school run around 8.45. Sleeps around 1hr + up around 10ish. 2nd nap around 1pm until school run. Then bed by 6/6.30. DS is 11mths and been on this routine since around 8.5/9mths.
    I think its common for 2 naps totalling 2.5-3hrs at that age.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Miss Sunshine View Post
    Thanks @gingermillie that's super helpful. I am following the 2.5/3/3.5 hour routine and it WAS working great. (Extra hour awake was before bed time).

    It was
    530 wake
    8-930 nap
    1230-2 nap
    6/630 bed

    Now it's 5ish wake
    8-840 nap
    12ish bed (depending on fussiness)
    Up around 130
    6ish bed (again depending how grizzly she is)

    It seems to be a vicious cycle of going to bed overtired/waking early/trying to stretch her to her first nap/waking early from nap so she's overtired and I'm not sure how to snap out of it.
    Sleep school told us to try to get two sleep cycles out of each nap - so if they wake after 40 mins to try to resettle - maybe try this for the first nap of the day AND try to sneak in a rest before bed (to be waking up no later than 5pm) even if it's just a drive in the car or walk in the pram ?

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    My DS is 10months, he's been on two naps for awhile, neither of my two children (have a 6 year old too) were/are great sleepers.
    His routine has to fit around school drop off and pickup, so it looks like this;

    8am(ish) - awake

    10.30-11am(ish) - nap1
    * This can range from 45mins on a bad day to 2hrs on a good day but "generally" its 1hr-1hr30*

    3.30-4pm(ish) - nap 2
    * This nap is generally an hour, especially if he hasn't slept long the first nap. I don't allow him to go past 5pm*

    7.30pm(ish) - In bed for the night.
    *He does still wake twice a night for a feed, usually 12.30-1am and 5-5.30am and will for the most part fall back to sleep while feeding*

    Pretty much he does 3hrs, 3.5hrs and then 2.5hrs for awake times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MillieMollyMandy View Post
    DT75 is is possible for you to go to a sleep school? I've been with both my kids and it has literally been life changing. Apologies if that's not an option for you at the moment.
    It's not an option at the moment. She had a really good night last night.

    I'm hoping it's just teething (there are like 6 cutting through) and hitting Leap 5.
    She seems happy enough for the majority of her wake time, so I don't feel that she needs it. Just my bad luck that her dad is useless tbh.

    ETA: the main problem is the random inconsistencies.
    So it's routine for 10 days, then we have her older siblings and it's all over the place due to activities.
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