I was prescribed Metformin when TTC #1 after a PCOS diagnosis.. They made me very ill with some vomitting but mostly just had the runs all the time. But I conceived my daughter within a few months. She turned 2 last month.

I decided to start taking them again when I wanted to lose weight. What I notice with them is;
-If I am dieting and not taking them, I only lose weight with a strict to the tee diet.
-If I am dieting and taking them, I have a steady weight loss.
-If I am not dieting but taking them, it holds my weight at bay.
-If I am not dieting and not taking them, any sugar makes me gain weight virtually.

We have decided to begin the journey to TTC #2 this month. I am going to try to go back to the gyno as I was still in denial about having PCOS when I conceived the first time so I would like to get more info on it now that I understand that it is not the be all and end all and have accepted it. But I will continue taking my metformin this time around and let you know how I go.

**Edit- Where I was going with the diet stuff, I have learnt this time round that I only have the bad side effects if I eat bad food. When I eat a clean diet I do not get the side effects I used to.