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    Default Transitioning from day nap to quiet time

    Hello, just after advice on how to get an almost 3 year old to have quiet time since he has started refusing his day sleep. I recently took the dummy away and since then he has struggled to settle in the day. He is so exhausted he is able to fall asleep at night without the dummy.
    The problem is that he is now extremely grumpy and clingy in the afternoon when he used to sleep for 2+ hours. I am struggling to get anything done and the days now seem REALLY long! The horrible wet weather isn't helping either.
    Any tips to get him to play quietly and independently would be greatly appreciated 😀

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    We have a Gro Clock that we introduced on DD's 3rd b'day. It took a lot of consistent reinforcement, but repeating "it's rest time now; stay in your room until the sun comes up" was helpful. Making sure they've got toys to play with in their room (change the toys & books every few days) and have gone to the toilet before rest time also helps. DD is 3.5 now. Most of the time she stays in her room for the hour of rest time (it started out as half an our & we increased it to an hour gradually). Remember to give DS lots & lots of attention at the end of rest time - he's just been playing with himself for an extended time & will need some intensive one-on-one love afterwards.

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    When my daughter (at around that age) started refusing naps, we had very clear expectations. In her room, in her bed for nap time. She didn't have to sleep, but she had to be quiet in her bed. She could have soft toys and/or books. Anything she was too noisy with was removed, and if she got up we out her back until quiet time was over. Plenty of complaints, but we were consistent and she got the message. These days (at nearly 4) our expectations are the same but she usually sleeps.

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    When transitioning from day sleeps I made my kids stay on their bed and listen to an audio book for 20-30 minutes. Then I let them hop up and watch tv for the majority of the afternoon, an early dinner and bedtime. Not ideal of course, but honestly if they're tired and grumpy you do what you can to ride it out- it's not forever.

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    Urgghhh. ..such a painful time. Won't sleep but cranky toddler...fun times! With all my kids I had to stop naps because they wouldn't go to bed at night if they had day sleeps (age 3/3.5)...if nothing else it made for an early bed time. I never successfully enforced a bedroom rest time, probably lack of consistency on my part, but we'd have quiet time watching Playscool a bit after lunch. I found the only way to survive the cranky arvos was to get out of the house and outside for the couple hrs before dinner. In better news...much happy children by about age 4...

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    Default Transitioning from day nap to quiet time

    Yes it is a painful time. The afternoons are LONG and never ending.

    First make sure it's not just a phase. We dropped the day nap just before 3 initially but after a few weeks reintroduced it as dd1 was just not coping (and neither was I). Now some days she may really need a nap (especially if really ratty by 1pm) but not others so we play it be ear. This is where a gro clock does help if pushing the nap. I tell her to stay in bed till the sun comes up and she usually falls asleep.

    As she got older dd1 (3.5) got a lot better with quiet time. She will now lay in bed with me on the tablet and knows not to speak to me lol so I can doze. I told her if she couldn't be quiet or leave me alone she would be put into her bed. This works! Consistency is the key as always.
    It gives me a much needed break, but doesn't really stop her being tired and feral.

    Plus side is she is in bed 6pm on the days she doesn't nap so I count down the hours
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