Hello, im new here, so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place!
A little about me, I'm 39 and DH is 43. Unexplained fertility, although I have a menstrual cycle every 24 days and absolutely no cervical mucus around O, so I suspect I'm the problem, but neither blood tests nor scans have confirmed this. I do have AMH of 6 and day 3 FSH results range between 7.1 and 10.
We tried IVF cycle 1 last month. Synarel spray followed by 300 units Gonal-f (which was increased to 450 on day 9 scan) 10,000 units of pregnyl (trigger) and 1,500 maintenance shots of pregnyl.
Day 9 scan showed 4 follicles and day 11 showed my LH dropped dramatically to 0.5! So we added luveris shots. Anyway, just prior to EX I had 8 follicles of varying sizes, they had to sacrifice the 2 big ones to get the other small ones, so I didn't do my EC until day 17! EC went well (no pain) and of the 8, only 2 eggs were retrieved. The other follies did not have eggs (I don't understand this, even tho my estrogen level day before EC was 6,000+).
Both eggs fertilised with ICSI and transferred on day 3. On day 3, I had 2 x 7 cell enbies with some fragmentation (they were graded as 7B+ and 7B++). Both transferred. Bloods done day before period showed HCG at 17 and period was late by 3 days. So chem pregnancy. Currently in second cycle, but this time using lucrin (instead of synarel), 450 Gonal-f, 1ml saizen and paid for embryogen and PICSI, even tho my DH sperm is fine.

Anyone else used this protocol and had success?

I don't know if I'm a poor responder, but I had absolutely no side effects from any of the stimms or any other shots.. I keep telling my FS it's not working.. She just laughs..