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    Default How do you wean a demand-fed toddler?

    I'm sorry if this post doesn't make much sense, as I am very tired from many nights of very little sleep...

    My DS has always been a night owl, right from birth he would wake up at any odd hour and "party". If you haven't had one of these types of babies you will never understand just how immensely draining it is.

    It's been an incredibly rocky road. I think depression has taken a hold of me, as I am but a shadow of my former self. My DS also cried since birth. A lot.

    I have an older child, age 7, am a single mum and was one year into a science degree when I fell pregnant, a degree which I absolutely can't take any more time off from.

    But I'm so tired. I have to stay up late every night to tidy up my massive house and do my studies, and then... DS will suckle on my breasts all night long, with the worst part being that he is then up at 5.30am, ready to rock and roll.

    I love him so dearly, but I have fallen into a giant pit of negativity and resentment.
    I am so tired.

    DS is almost 19 months old and I would like to slowly start to wean him from the breast. I already tried night weaning him twice since he was about 15 months old, but this backfired when he screamed for four hours straight as I held him in my arms and sang to him.

    I would like to know how to wean my child in a gentle and age appropriate way. I don't enjoy breastfeeding a lot of the time now, and my nipples get very sore at night, causing me to be cranky and irritable. But I don't know how to stop!!

    With my first baby everything was so smooth, so natural. Nights, well she was weaned within two or three. Days, we naturally reduced the feeds one by one. But I can't imagine this boy taking "No" for an answer. He pulls at my top whether at home or in public, taking out my breast and sometimes suckling while I carry him. Thankfully I live in a very supportive community where nobody judges me for this. But for myself, my sleep and my sanity, I would like to begin to wean!!

    How can I achieve this? Please help 😞

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    I'll reply more later byt google Dr Jay Gordon's night weaning. I did a modified version with my first.

    I know how tough it is. Big hugs x

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    Agree with Dr Jay Gordon.

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    My demand fed boo lie monster is suddenly asking for some bottles, he's 23 mths, think seeing a few 'peers' having bottles has helped and my milk had dropped despite the constant feeding. I'm seeing a light maybe! I have had to cut him off for 1/2 hr at night sometimes in last yr as getting sore and he's screamed and screamed till I gave in Coz I thought he'd vomit, it did seem to make him better let go when asked and roll over and relax

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    Lots of good advice here http://www.bubhub.com.au/community/f...r-Weaning-Room!

    I've been very slowly and gently weaning my very boob obsessed DS for the past couple of months. We're down to before bed, around 1am and around 6am, and before his nap on the weekends (he's at daycare during the week). But he's now ok with being told "that's enough" after a few minutes of breastfeeding then rolling over to go to sleep. And during the day if he asks I tell him he can breastfeed at bedtime. Or if we're out, I tell him he can feed when we get home.
    I had to be really persistent, and if he got really upset I still let him on, and just tried again the next day, and he would gradually be able to wait a bit longer until it was skipped altogether. Distraction helps too!

    The ABA and Kellymom sites have some good info too

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    Hugs. It's so hard. Before I got advice in the above thread, I was up to DS hourly, and feeding every second time. My DS is almost 19 months, and a terrible sleeper and boobie monster, too.

    I understand just how tired you're feeling, and how much harder it makes everything else.

    We're down to 2 feeds through the day (before nap and before bed), and 1 overnight (between 3 and 4:45). It was slow, we had, and still have relapses. I would love to get rid of the one overnight feed... but I don't have the energy to get rid of that one yet. But the advice in the Toddler Weaning Room thread really did help me put together a plan that worked for us.


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