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    Default What's the best age to have a baby?

    I was always adamant I wanted to finish my family before 30. I felt we had our whole lives to make money and develop careers but I felt urgency to have children in our 20's from a very young age. I was incredibly lucky to meet my husband at 18 and We had our first at 25 and I am 36w pregnant with our second at 29. I think I must have had a gut instinct as our second pregnancy took years of ttc and we discovered I have very low ovarian reserve and was told if I had waited until after 30 it may not have been possible to have my own biological children. I am so glad we had kids when we did, even if it hasn't always been easy financially etc!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttc1981 View Post
    Im 35 and pregnant with my first... I wanted to be 34 with my first but IVF meant we went a bit over... I wish we started younger maybe 32/33 but we had only been together 1 - 2 years then and my Mum passed away suddenly when I was 32 so just wasn't the right time... If we have a second I will want to go next year around this time and have the bub at 36/37 max... I also know financially we are secure so having kids at this age means we can relax and not worry about money... our area also has more mature parents so means I will hopefully meet other parents at a similar age
    Same here. I'm 35 and having my first, DH is a few years older than me. In hindsight it would have been ideal to start trying at 32/33 but it's fine as it is. I'll imagine we'll have another one at 37 and then I'm done. Timing and life wise, 33/34 would have been the earliest for us i think. I just wasn't ready before then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaitRose View Post
    Same here. I'm 35 and having my first, DH is a few years older than me. In hindsight it would have been ideal to start trying at 32/33 but it's fine as it is. I'll imagine we'll have another one at 37 and then I'm done. Timing and life wise, 33/34 would have been the earliest for us i think. I just wasn't ready before then.
    all of this. I was 34 when I fell preg with ds and 35 when he was born. assuming we have any more (I'm undecided at the moment lol), I'd like to be done by 38. I just wasn't ready before 32/33 but we were getting engaged and married then and doing travel plus we wanted to buy a house before we had a bub. so from a practical perspective, 34/35 was the perfect time for us. we've been very fortunate in that we fell pregnant naturally and within a few months of trying.

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    I have worked in childcare for almost 10 years and I have met parents of all ages. I have found that the families in the lower socio economic areas were much younger (teens and early 20's) and very laid back, sometimes too much and didn't seem to care what their child had done all day. Their children generally had more behaviour problems. Whereas the families in the higher "more wealthy" socio economic areas were much older (late 30's), very over protective and read into everything way too much, however very involved and loving (not saying the younger parents did t love their children) their children seemed to be happier and more laid back. Many also followed the advice of parenting books and ignored their children's individuality. For example I had a mum refuse to let her child go from 3 sleeps a day to 2 sleeps a day because the book said he shouldn't be doing that yet. So he spent most of the day awake in bed because he wasn't tired yet but mum refused to let us get him up. Not a judgement but just something I have found and of course this was not every single parent.

    I am 26 and have just had my first and find it easy however children are my profession, I have experience and I am extremely passionate about child development and my own morals on how I want to raise my child. I also felt ready since I was 18... It just took 7 years to convince my partner lol. Which is another thing to note, you might feel ready but your partner may not. My partner is also 27 and as much I tried to tell him what babies are like, it has been a shock for him and he's not coping at all. He thinks our son is extremely difficult, too demanding and that there's something wrong with him! I consider him a very easy baby! I want to have 4 children and plan to have children into my late 30's.

    Sorry if I've repeated anything someone else has said, I haven't read through all the replies
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