I am exclusively BFing my 14 week old DS2 and on Saturday had what I thought was the start of (very early, unwelcome!) AF. Bright red small spots - about 2 the size of a 10 cent piece. Later that day a teeny bit of very light pink discharge. And then nothing since. It's now 4 days since that happened so I am wondering was that AF? Or a breakthrough bleed or something else?

Have done 4 HPT (FRER strips) all negative thank goodness. Was worried it could have been implanation bleed (we have only DTD 3 X since birth of DS2, but last time was unprotected). When I had IB with my DS1 it was brown so I feel semi confident that's not it.

With DS1 it took 9 months for AF to return but I don't remember any spotting etc.

Has anyone else experienced similar? DS2 had a couple nights sleeping through 8-12 hours in the week prior so I thought maybe that triggered AF to come back early? But why just the couple of spots?!