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    Default Unexplained infertility

    Hi @ twentysomething & anyone else, the 'unexplained' & LH surge caught my eye so wanted to share what it took my FS 2 (heartbreaking) years to pick up on is PCO (lean, 100% regular ovulation & no cysts) only clue was high AMH but what was actually causing issues was the far, far too high LH-a day 3 FSH:LH ratio greater than 1:1.5 will never work so make sure you get your levels tested, as you might need metformin. High LH damages eggs, attacks embryo & causes lining receptivity issues. There is also a possibility of immune issues (hyper or under active) which can be treated with the right FS. Good luck!

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    Just doing IUI this time with gonal-f & Ovidrel.
    Yeah checked my day 2 LH and ratio too which was normal. Also did a fasting insulin which was normal (no need for metformin.
    Only found polycystic ovaries (not syndrome) which apparently is quite common and usually found incidentally and from the ovulation tracking uss and bloods I do ovulate on my own.
    Trying to watch my diet and exercise too. It's not fun having to give yourself an injection daily and do blood tests!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pink86 View Post
    Thanks! They've put me on 25iu of gonal-f, seems like a pretty small dose. I ovulate on my own so not sure it's doing much...
    For your IVF/ICSI, what was your experience like for egg retrieval & implanting the blastocyst?
    That is a pretty low dose. I was on GonalF too,150iu for my first cycle. Then the second cycle I started at 125iu and upped it to 200iu after a few days. I ovulate on my own too - just usually on around day 21.

    My two IVF cycles were quite different experiences. On my first cycle I overstimmed and got 19 eggs. The egg retrieval wasn't great - I mean, the actual procedure was fine, my clinic puts you under general anyway, but I ended up with OHSS and was in terrible pain for about a week. Had to sleep sitting up and everything . I didn't get to do a transfer on the first cycle because out of my 19 eggs, only one fertilised and then didnt survive.

    On my second cycle I got 10 eggs and it was a breeze! Slightly uncomfortable bloating for about 2 days after egg collection, then I was absolutely fine. My embryo transfer was ok. I was terrified it was going to hurt, so took 2 panadeine forte before I went in. I was glad I did. Even though I had drank as much water as they told me, apparently I was still quite dehydrated from the EPU and it didn't fill my bladder up enough. It meant my uterus wasn't quite in the right spot so they had to get the catheter around a corner which was a bit ouchy. But, it only took less than 5 minutes and I was totally fine afterwards. I'm sure if I had been hydrated enough it would have been absolutely fine, basically no more uncomfortable than a pap smear. Getting to watch the embryo be transferred on the ultrasound is fascinating! I loved it and so did DH.
    I fell pregnant from that ET

    Keep in mind that on your first cycle they're really experimenting to see how your body reacts to the drugs etc. I wish I had been a little more realistic on our first go at the fact that it probably wouldn't work. We were absolutely crushed when we found out we didn't even get one embryo. It seemed like a gigantic waste of money and I wanted to give up there and then. But it gave them so much information to use in the second cycle, which they got perfect.

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    Hi ladies, just an update in case anyone is following this or looks up something like this in the future, got a positive bhcg blood test today.

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