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    Default Strong fear, possible phobia of dogs

    My youngest son, will be two in June. He is so horrendously scared of dogs, I have never seen anything like it. I've seen kids be scared of things before but his fear of dogs is so strong. We are currently on holidays at MILs house. The dogs barked outside and he came running over to me screaming, climbed up on the lounge and scrambled up my body so he was squatting on my shoulder just screaming.
    Last time we visited here, I had put him to nap in MILs room but the dogs were right outside the window and barked so he refuses to go in there now.
    Any dogs he sees in public etc he just screams and screams and tries to climb up my body.
    We have two Great Danes next door at home but they are quiet so I'm not sure he knows they are there. But we showed him one of the week old pups (so a floppy little blob of dog) and he wasn't screaming but he was still panicking.
    A neighbour two doors up though, has a big fat stuffy that looks like a wombat. He can handle that dog. I don't think he realises it's a dog. Not sure.
    Does this seem phobic to you? It seems so much more than just being scared. And if so, am I supposed to do something about it?

    Other points to note:
    He was terrified of my MILs little bird that was flying around the house but it was moving fast and was all flappy so I figure that's normal. He also doesn't go near our ducks, but again I assume pretty normal because they snap. He was okay with them prior to that.

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    A close friend had a daughter who had a strong fear of dogs. She was around 2 and a half when it became noticeable. She would freeze and cry if one was near her (even if it was outside and the door was shut).

    Her parents tried everything. In the end they bought a dog. We all thought they were insane. They took advice from a psychologist as to how to help their daughter cope with the dog being in the house but within a few weeks she was fine. She loved her dog and gradually lost her fear of other animals.

    Her mum was a strong believer that kids should have dogs so it was important to her that the rest of the family didn't miss out because of one child's phobia.

    I had another friend whose child was also terrified. They didn't want a long term pet so they looked at getting a foster dog. I think it was going to be a sniffer dog but I'm not sure what happened in the end.

    As far as I'm aware the only real way to manage fear of dogs is to confront it. But I'm going on the experience of 2 people only.

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    That was my thoughts too. I might have to maybe take him to see someone.
    It's very irrational, as in the dogs can be outside, across the road or even sleeping and he will panic. He screams, cries, shakes and I've noticed him wet himself on one occasion (hard to tell as he is in nappies, it just happened to be directly after I changed him and it suddenly got warm while I was holding him).


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