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I'm glad you are feeling better. Please keep in mind that any visual disturbances can be cause for concern. At the very least you must contact your dr if you have anymore funny things happen with your vision and as a mentioned before, a reduction in baby's movement is always a reason to call them. I understand that nobody wants to feel like they are being ott and bothering their dr unnecessarily but truly it's better to call and be told it's nothing then to go to your appointment and find that you really needed medical treatment earlier. Rest up. I hope someone lovely is waiting on you hand and foot until you feel better! ☺️

Better to be over cautious than sorry. I would be straight to doc to rule out pre-eclampsia. Every appointment I had I was asked if I had any vision changes - it's something taken very seriously. If you can't get in to your normal doc/OB just go to a 7 day medical centre for a blood pressure check at least. And if it happens again I would go to ER, better safe than sorry.

Hopefully is nothing, but please don't feel like you are being silly or OTT.