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I thought I replied to this thread! Turns out... I didn't. Sorry!
Toddlers really are dramatic! Oh we have that problem as well or he's throwing himself on the floor screaming.
I bought him new shoes today, he's gone up a size (again haha) and he's there going 'no' the whole time I'm trying to try them on him. Like you are 2? You don't get s choice.

What signs would I be seeing if he didn't need his day sleep anymore? I'm really not ready for that lol. He can stuff around got a hour but zonks out after that and other days he's out like a light. I'm hoping I'm not forcing a day sleep if he doesn't want it. He's a feral if he doesn't sleep though lol
I leave them in their room for an hr (unless they are really upset) if they havent fallen asleep in that time I give up on nap time and just do quiet activities (books,colouring or a movie) and aim for an earlier bed time that night.
Beginning of the year ds refused to have a nap for a month or two then all of a sudden got back into a 2hr sleep each day, this week he has decided he doesnt want to have a day sleep. Hopefully he will sleep next week!!