Hi Girls,

I'm looking for a good clinic in Sydney where they do IUI.

Our story: We got pregnant with first bub real quick (2 months) When she was just over one, started trying for baby number 2. Got pregnangt within 5months but miscarried 😒
After a year of trying still no baby. We waited for a whole year (as per GP's advice) to get anything tested. Results came back me ok, hubby low sperm count. They never wanted to see why his sperm count went low, but pushed us to have IVF.
Well, my body is extreemly sensitive to drugs, but the specialist was pushing us to do IVF wich we had to stop because I hiperstimulated from just one injection.

So now we are looking for a clinic who does IUI with good results and really want to hepl us, not just want to sell IVF.
Please don't understand, IVF is a good thing, two of my best friends are having babies through IVF, but it's just not for me.

We've been trying for 3 years and it's breaking my heart a little bit every month.

Any help would be appriciated! Thank you!