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    I remember when pregnant the midwife asked if I was going to breastfeed and I said I'd like to but didn't want to get my heart set on it in case I couldn't for whatever reason. OMG it was like I'd said I'd been smoking crack. She ranted and raved for ages about how breast is best, etc, etc. At the time I thought what about those women who can't or don't want to breastfeed, how would they feel listening to this spiel. I ended up mixed feeding and am quite confident so don't really care what others say or think about it but I really feel for those who are made to feel bad about feeding their babies the best way they can. You're all great mums ladies

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    Default Anyone else bottle feeding and proud of it?

    I bottle fed both of my children. I'm not going to give any justification for the reasons as I don't think I need to justify anything (not in a narky way but because I always see people say I bottle feed-because *insert justification here*.) I am very happy my children were able to eat and grow thanks to the wonderful invention of formula and bottles. Now they are older (5 and 2) and no longer being fed it seems like a million years ago that I felt shamed by others because of my choices. Full bellies are far more important than the method of delivery.

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    I have ff all 3 of my kids. Dd I lasted 10 days. No milk. I would try to feed, she would scream I would cry then I would try and pump... 15 mls in an hr. :/
    Ds1 2 days. Milk yet again never came in.
    Ds 2 1 day. No milk again.
    I'm currently 24 wks with dd2. Can't see myself bf, always give it a go, but I'd rather feed bub a bottle than starve them... :/
    I have never had to worry about meds/engorgement/mastitis because I have never really produced milk... 😞
    Dd I chose to ff with no consultation from anyone. I believed it was our decision to make, not a nurse/dr/consultant.
    Ds1 I had everything ready at home just in case. After asking midwife (while hysterically crying) for a bottle and getting 'the look', I Got hubby to bring it in on day 2. Didn't tell midwives, they didn't need to know after the way they reacted the first time. Quite funny when they walked in and bub was happily guzzling down 50ml!
    Ds2 fed for a day, hubby brought in bottles etc, didn't tell midwife. What were they going to do? Tell me not to feed him

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    I've moved this thread to the celebrate bottlefeeding section

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    Both my kids ff/bottle fed from day 1. I know a lot of people don't agree with my decisions but im 100% ok with it and would make the same decision if I had another bub, I had pnd and anxiety so didn't want to put extra pressure on myself. Both my kids are happy and healthy and growing. I'm glad I made my decision. I had them both at a catholic hospital and no one batted an eyelid about my decision.
    I'm really sorry people have treated you poorly


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