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    Default What does your DH/ DP do and not do?

    So every few months I get completely fed up with DH and his lack of help with the housework. He never cleans things like the bathroom, mopping ( proper house work really ) , never does the washing despite me asking repeatedly, won't tidy up if he is home without the kids or when he is up late watching TV, always forgets to feed the poor dog. Anyway, I then have to remind myself of what he does do like makes kids lunches, sometimes folds clothes, does the cooking if he's home ( I hate cooking he loves it ), he will vacume with the upright, tidy kitchen (not to my standard but he'll do it ), if he's up he'll deal with breakfasts, clean the fridge out, bins. When I look at that list I feel quite fortunate as I know my best friends DH does nothing with cooking, washing up kids BUT he mops amd vacumes , cleans bathroom, fans , windows. So...what does your DH do that is great but then not do that is so obvious??

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    My DH does lots, but he honestly just doesn't see some things. Like you, he 'cleans' the kitchen, but there's always a pot or 3 left on the stove, benches not wiped and stuff left out. He vacuums, but no other actual cleaning stuff, just tidying.

    He also never touches my or the kids washing. He hangs wet washing and brings in dry, but has a blind spot for sorting kids clothes or mine. Annoys me no end because I always put his away.

    He does so much though - we live on 5.5 acres and he maintains that, as well as a lot of kid care. He gets up through the night with DD (4) gets up early with them both and works his butt off at his business. I can't complain!

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    Mine is similar to what's been posted.
    Dh likes to cook but his cleaning up is terrible ie.washes dishes but it's still dirty and doesn't pack away food properly.
    He hangs washing and brings it in if I ask.
    Vacuums and cleans bathroom sometimes
    Tidies up toys sometimes
    Sometimes but not often does sight word homework with the kids

    He does other jobs which I never touch though such as
    - All garden work
    - anything to do with the car eg Rego, pink slip, tune up
    - fixes leaking taps and toilet
    - pays the bills

    I thinks it's a pretty even split. My only complaint is it woukd be great if he spent more time playing and talking with the kids and asking them about their day.

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    100 Posts in a week
    does do:

    mows lawns/gardening
    cleans bathrooms/toilets
    vacuums the house
    dusts (sometimes)
    ironing (but we virtually never iron lol)

    doesn't do:

    make the bed
    empty the dishwasher
    general tidying up - will leave things just wherever then complain he can't find them. I'm always running around and nagging him to deal with lots of little piles of stuff

    that's about it. he's pretty good and I've really got no cause for complaint

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    My DH has gotten a lot better. It took a move across the country for him away from everyone to realise he needed to help (he'd probably say the same for me 😜).

    He cooks occasionally, mops, vacuums, hangs up and takes down washing, does 99% of the gardening, pays all the bills, will stay up with kids if needed, occasionally will do quick shop for staples, and generally will help with anything if he seems in busy with kids.

    I'll admit though, most of it, I have to ask him to do, but he ends up doing it. His folding of clothing leaves a lot to be desired as does his cleaning of the kitchen and toilet!

    The one thing that really annoys me is that he always sleeps in on weekends, then gets up, straight in to the shower and gets himself ready. He'll always attend to himself first rather than feeding kids. So if I'm sick, or am not around for the morning, he doesn't feed the kids b4 930am. It's very very annoying and always leads to an argument!

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    My dh
    -goes to work (in a job he hates)
    -bought a place without a lawn to mow
    -cooks on the bbq
    -will take the bins out if I ask him to
    -will pick up toys when I put the girls to bed (I need to remind him)
    -will watch the girls for an hour on weekends so I can nap
    -gives me money when I run out

    He's washed up a handful of times when asked or wants a r00t.
    Seriously that's it.
    He has a degree but can't figure out how to use the microwave or washing machine

    But I knew that when I married him so my fault really

    eta: he seriously could not survive without me. Doesn't know where anything is, what we own, how to pick the right fruit and veg from the shops, what bills we have, or even where his clothes or keys are most mornings
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    Does do.
    Works from 4am until 6pm normally 7 days a week (dairy farmers)
    Will then come home cooks dinner prob 2 nights a week.
    Will sweep and tidy up while I cook dinner.
    Showers kids (3 under5)
    Puts kids to bed
    Days off:
    Deep cleans kitchen (it's his thing haha)
    Does his own washing

    Doesn't do
    Any kind of Cleaning other than the kitchen.
    Will take the kids when I'm about to do my narna.

    Although I would love more help around the house, I also appreciate that he works his butt off to provide for us.

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    I just remembered DH deals with spiders and other creepy crawlies even though he doesn't like them either!

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    Hmm not sure I should be in here lol

    DH does:

    - vegetable beds. He has a green thumb and grows amazing produce in the now very limited space we have. It's a concrete courtyard so no other yard work required.

    - will take out rubbish when asked repeatedly.

    - will take DS2 to the park after work 2-3 times a week when asked.

    - will bring dirty laundry down stairs when asked.

    - will pick up limited items at shops on way home from work when asked. But has to be told exact brands/types. Eg will buy white bread when we never eat it, will buy low fat milk again when we never buy it and neither I or DS2 will drink it!

    - will pack/unpack dishwasher when asked. But puts things in wrong places.

    - shower/bath DS2, help him brush his teeth or get him dressed (I have to lay out the clothes or he says he doesn't know where to find them 🙄) when asked.

    - wash the cars.

    - iron his own work clothes.

    - go to work.

    Does not do:

    - vacuum or mop

    - clean bathrooms/toilets

    - do any washing, folding or putting away

    - cook

    - clean kitchen

    - general tidying and putting away in the house.

    - other house cleaning tasks like dusting, cleaning windows/tracks, fridge etc...

    - pay bills and maintain budget

    - grocery shopping

    - replace bin liners, he will just keep stuffing it in until bag breaks or lid won't close

    That said he is a LOT better than he used to be since he no longer works away.

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    My DH is still in training

    What he does do:

    Mows the lawns
    Cleans the shower
    Weeds the garden beds when requested
    Fixes things when they break, such as if the toilet is leaking or the tap washers need changing
    Hauls rubbish to the tip when the trailer gets full
    Waters the lawns and gardens
    Maintains the vegie patch
    Dries the dishes every night while I wash
    Ironing (Most of it is his office gear anyway)

    On weekends he will often put the laundry on if I throw the pile into the hallway. He also does his odd jobs then like putting up a new lock or replacing runners on the doors etc.

    What he doesn't do:
    Everything I am 100% responsible for - feeding the pets, taking the bins out, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming and mopping, cleaning out the fridge, freezer and cupboards, making the beds, cleaning the bird cage, cooking, dusting etc. I only work part time and he works full time so I consider this to be a fair trade.

    Things I wish he'd stop doing - leaving his shoes, multiple pairs of sunglasses, nail clippings, pens, old newspapers and empty glasses all around the house. He honestly drives me bonkers sometimes! And is it really THAT hard to wipe down the sink when you've splashed water everywhere?
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