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    Default 6 month tips...

    DD has never had any sort of routine, sleeping or feeding.

    I think now we have time I'd like to try cutting the overnight feeds and attempting some longer sleep stretches.

    Her over night feeds are about 11ish, 2ish, 4ish and up at 7. I'd really like to get rid of one but have completely forgotten how to begin. We give her a bottle every time she wakes - how could we tackle stopping this?

    Any tips and tricks welcome!

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    I'm just attempting this with my DD. She's 7 months. I've noticed that I've started to feed her more over night than during the day (as she's just not asking for it) but I think it's because I feed her at every wake up so she then in turn doesn't need it during the day?

    Anyway, last night whenever I heard her wake up, I didn't immediately jump out of bed - I let her grumble a bit - if it escalated I went in and tried to comfort her first (she likes being gently bounced on my shoulder) rather than feed. If this didn't work then I fed her.

    So she ended up in bed at 6.30pm, woke at 9.30 (fed), woke at 12.30 (comforted no feed), 3.30 (self settled), 4.30 (fed), up at 6.30am.

    I think she would self settle more but I'm so quick to jump out of bed and automatically feed. I need to just slow down, give her time and also focus on making sure she has more/better feeds during the day (I think I may have to sit in a dark room for this as she's just so into everything around her rather than feeding).

    Not sure if that novel helps at all but I'm hoping tonight we can do the same and work towards just 1-2 wake ups/feeds.

    Best wishes!

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    For DS1, I got DH to go into him at night to settle and offered water. He soon realised mummy wasn't coming in and slept through.

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    I've also got a 6 month old and am only now starting to try and get into some sort of routine especially during the day. In my opinion (it's been the case for both my kids) the night wakings are not really related to hunger, the feeding just helps them go back to sleep. Certainly for ds2 he was very much in the habit of waking every 1-2 hours overnight and the only way I could get him back to sleep was feeding him. We did some sleep training and now we are down to 2 overnight feeds. I don't think he necessarily needs them but he's been quite difficult training so for now I'm just doing what works for a bit longer.
    Because I don't want him to associate waking up and being helped back to sleep by feeding, I set my alarm and do 2 dream feeds around the times he seems to wake up. For example now I'm feeding him at 11.30pm and again at 4.30am. For a while he was still waking inbetween but now he self settles back to sleep without any intervention from us. My plan is to adjust the feeding times by 15 mins every few days to try and cut it down to one feed before stopping in a few weeks hopefully.
    From what I've read about trying to wean off night feeds ou have a few choices. You can try to give less milk at each feed so they don't rely on the feeling of being full and just keep reducing. Or trying water instead of milk. Both of these options will give you an idea of whether baby is truly hungry or just using the sucking to drift back to sleep. If you find that it does appear to be the comfort of feeding that the baby is needing rather than the milk maybe try to hold off on giving a bottle straight away during the wakings and use other methods to settle instead. Maybe you can stretch the times between feeds so you gradually cut down the number of feeds overnight.

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    Start solids if you haven't already.
    If you've already started solids up the meat/carb content.
    Don't feed to sleep - have 20 mins of play after the last feed/before bed.
    Introduce a comforter that doesn't require adult intervention (eg a teddy style one).

    After a few weeks of the above/setting the scene for sleep reduce the length of the night feed you want to cut - by a few minutes each night.
    Or if you've done the prep you could just go cold turkey and try resettling with a shush/pat instead of automatically feeding when bub wakes.

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    We accidentally cut night wakings. I would always feed 6 month old DD when she woke but DP is home at the moment and he got up a few times and just patted and sung her back to sleep. Now she wakes at (approx) 10pm 1:30am and 5:30am for feeds. I pretty much consider this only waking once and I'm awake at 10pm and get up at 5:30.


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