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    This is a hard one, as scubagirl said it is not the golden egg. You can transfer a known perfect embie and still miscarry because that it the mystery of fertility, your body can reject and perfect embie for many reasons.

    All I can say is we did PGD on our last cycle due to my age and the fact we had a good looking fresh embie (not PGD tested) make it through all tests and sadly was found at 26 weeks to have Trisomy 13, our girl was stillborn at 28 weeks.

    Based on that heartache and grief we opted for PGD ... we did a fresh cycle and also threw two frozen embies to be tested too... the outcome was out of 4 embies only 2 could be tested and then one came back abnormal and one was perfect. Little Miss Perfect is now 6 months old

    I was told to cancel the cycle due to so few embies available for testing BUT we went against statistic and did have that elusive golden egg.

    Talk to your FS.... maybe try and few cycles without and see how you go. Luckily NIPT tests help these days but even then do you want to go through to 10 weeks to then find out all is not well????

    It is a difficult question.... everyone have different stories but I now that for us PGD made the difference.

    Good luck.


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    As the lovely ladies above have mentioned, pgd isn't always the answer unfortunately.

    At 41yrs old, we suffered thru 4 miscarriages and I knew another would be the end for me. We elected to do another stim with pgd to reduce our chances. We had 3 x 5 day embies but only 1 was of high enough quality for testing. Our clinic wont do banking and the cost for pgd was $3500 extra on the cycle back then. We elected to take the risk and transfer the perfect embie and freeze the other 2 even though the clinic advised against due to the quality. The transferred embie resulted in a further miscarriage 😢. I ended up stimming again on a different protocol resulting in ds1 😊 However when we started trying for a 2nd, the clinic put back in 1 of the frozen embies (which they initially wanted to discard) and I'm now expecting my 2nd bub next month!! So it wasnt good enough for testing but has resulted in a very healthy & strong pregnancy.
    @furbabymum I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss. I would strongly suggest you ask for testing from the d&c if possible so you can hopefully have some answers.

    Please feel free to pm me if you need to talk. x

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    @scubagirl - thank you. And sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing. I am hanging out to see the OB tomorrow and will pop into the FS and see how soon he can see me. I know that having a plan for moving forward will help me feel I can move forward too.
    @Emerald26 - wow that's scary that only half were normal. What crazy odds! I dont know how anyone ends up with a healthy baby, there seem to be so many hurdles and so many bad odds! Sorry to hear about your loss. I dont understand. Same thing happened to my sister in law as with your missed miscarriage. Yet the stats suggest less than 5% risk of miscarriage if a strong heart beat at 7 to 8 weeks! For only 5% this story sure seems to be bloody common! My ob told me it was "minimal risk" so I finally felt safe and bought a cot~. I know I wont be feeling safe again! Thnks for the advice. Look forward to hearing what FS says.
    @SpotTheOcelot - oh wow so sorry to hear of your loss. I cant imagine the pain of losing so far into the pregnancy. What a shock! I am so grateful the NIPS test is available now and will definitely take it up. It would be nicer to be able to test before the emby is transferred and avoid the incredible attachment and confidence that develops in 10 weeks but as you're saying... its not as simple as that and there are no givens. If I dont have many embys that make it to day 5 (ie the one last time) then I wouldnt want to risk their viability and I might just have to hope that I have appeased the statistic gods and wont have too many miscarriages.
    @Spiritz - wow! $3500 extra?! I thought it was just under $300 per emby tested at our clinic?! Maybe I got the figure wrong. And you got the option to freeze your not so great embies? We just got told that they watched our embies into day 6 and deemed none of them as being good enough to survive freezing so they didnt. Its such a scary thing. I dont want them throwing away embies because they arent perfect given sometimes the not perfect ones can be the winners, but then I have to trust that they know what is likely to survive the process and what isnt. Congrats on your #2!!! Part of the reason I want D&C is so that I can have some testing done. Niether hubby nor I particularly want to go naturally and deal with any material in order to save it to have it tested. I know testing probably wont provide an answer but I figure its better than not having it done.

    Starting to get excited/nervous as after waiting 4 days already I now have less than 12 hours until I see the OB, and can find out when I an see the FS. I'm starting to think my body will hold on until Tuesday, despite the pain, (6 days after my ultrasound) so I can avoid the trauma of miscarrying naturally.

    Thank you so much everyone for helping me move from feeling traumatised about the medical system leaving me so alone and in the dark after being told there was no heart beat. You guys have helped me feel less alone, more hopeful, and empowered to know what to ask and consider.


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    @Charlie74 I was of the understanding that if they couldnt test it you could have the option of doing a fresh transfer but then I guess you run the risk if it had issues. Its really your decision tho.

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    @Charlie74 are you with Monash in Melbourne? I am and the price is what I paid so I am guessing you are. I did pgd in February. I spoke to an embryologist on day 3 and said if there weren't any suitable for testing I wanted to transfer one. I was called on the morning of day 5 and was told one could be biopsied and another 3-4 possibly could (I had 6 embryos morning of day 5) but they wouldn't know till the following day. I said as one could be biopsied I wouldn't worry about a transfer. Anyway the embryologist called me an hour later to say she couldn't grab the cells properly and rather than risk an inconclusive result she was going to leave it till the following day. I said I would come in for a transfer.

    I went in and the embryologist and and spoke to us. She said I had 6 embryos but embryo 5 was stalling. She said numbers 1,2,4 and 6 were looking good for biopsy but wouldn't know till the following day and that embryo 3 probably wouldn't be biopsied but was suitable for freezing. She suggested embryo 2 as the best looking for transfer. I asked for the one that would be frozen but not biopsied to be transferred. That resulted in a positive blood test but the hcg was low, tripled and then went down. Two out of the 4 were normal. When I received paperwork from Monash, the 2 normal ones were numbers 4 and 6 so the best looking one on the day (number 2) was abnormal.

    We also prepaid for 3. The accounts lady stressed to me that if only 1 or 2 were biopsied, I had to ring a certain number to ask for a refund. It wasn't automatic. Funny thing was, they automatically debited the card for the 4th one the day after they biopsied it. I didn't have to ring anyone about that.

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    Hi Charlie74, how did you go with your IVF cycle? I just had my egg collection and waiting on next results. Was is successful for you?


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