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    Default 7 m/o sleep help??

    My 7 month old is really hard to get to sleep. I have 3 and 4 year old, no outside help, small house, older children wake him all the time & stop him from getting to sleep in first place

    A normal day for him is x3 20-30 min naps sometimes only 2 then sleeps from about 7-10 feed then sleeps til around 1 feed then sleeps til 4/5 feed I co sleep and bf him through the night and he feeds for atleast an hour each time. He feeds during day too but only in dark room.

    3 & 4 year old wake around 5.30/6 and then he is up. Even from a newborn he has never slept through the noise they make.

    He's exhausted I'm exhausted. Im snapping at my other kids all the time. It takes me around an hour of feeding, patting, rocking to get him down and then I'm lucky if he sleeps for 30 mins. I have to do this in a dark room and put my other two in front of an iPad/ DVD but they fight a lot and I think they're bored. I hardly spend any time with them. When he's asleep I spend all my time shushing them.

    He won't take a dummy, he has a blanket sleep association that I give him and a fan which drowns out some of the noise from the house.

    When kinder starts back up we will be in and out all the time for drop offs and I'm dreading it it's hard enough now.

    How many naps should he be having? Any ideas on how to get him to sleep?

    Eta if it takes a long time to get him down even though he's tired and my other kids start fighting or keep coming in to the room I just give up trying to get him to sleep. He has bags under his eyes I know he's not getting enough rest but I'm always having to make a choice and I feel like I'm neglecting the other two... Any advice?
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    Default 7 m/o sleep help??

    No advice but a huge big hug! I think our bubbas were separated at birth! He's 6.5 months old.

    I have a 3 year old who I feel I'm neglecting too.

    I could have easily written your post

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    I don't have older children, only the one DS but we live on a main road and it's extremely noisy. I have music playing at all sleep times with the door pulled over and it seems to drown out most noise. I know you said that will be hard once school starts back up but 7 months is old enough to be moving towards 2 sleeps and day and you could perhaps work them during school hours and you both might get some rest? Like I said, I don't have older kids so I don't know if any of that could work for you but just an idea?

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    Life is hard for the 3rd child hey! My older 2 are a little bit older so can usually be quiet - or I make them go play outside when DS2 is going to sleep. I think I've also been blessed with a reasonably good sleeper this time around- although he has his moments.
    I think that your poor bub sounds overtired and so it is a bit of a vicious cycle as that makes it hard for him to fall asleep and stay asleep. If it were me I would be looking at getting some professional help- sleep school, someone to come to the house or the baby sleep site I think do email packages to help you (I haven't used them but have read some of the articles on their website and they seem pretty good- also it's not all CIO- I think they'd be happy for you to continue to co-sleep etc if that is what you want to do).
    I do school drop off and pick up, and it does my head in, but we try for a routine of 9am sleep (as soon as we're home from drop off) and 1pm ( sometimes I have to wake him for pickup). Then bedtime is 6/6:30pm.

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    God, I have one almost 7 month old and he is hard enough. Shocking to get down.

    Anyway, here is the guide to how much sleep kids need from the raising children site: http://raisingchildren.net.au/articl...bys_sleep.html

    Do you have a carrier? That might help, our guy sleeps in it. Also maybe the pram? Could you take the other 2 to the park, and walk bubs around while they play? You may be able to squeeze 45 minutes out of it.

    Good luck!

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    Hey OP
    Big hug. I understand what you are going through. Raising multiple kids with little outside help can be difficult. I was in a sort of similar situation last year where my newborn and my not even two year old we're keeping each other up. It was really hard to put them to bed for naps and then they both required resettling at some point or the other and some days, I just had to give up. Ds2 also started waking up after 20 min and would not resettle!

    When ds2 was 4 months I went to school school. Best decision ever! Ds2 came home able to self settle on most occasions and was also able to resettle himself to sleep for 1 to 2 hours over the course of the month.
    The sleep school used very gentle methods and I was ok with that.

    I agree with one of the previous posters: some sleep help whether a sleep school or a consultant would be useful. I also used white noise in the ds2's room to drown out noises from ds1. This helped a lot too.


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