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    Sounds like the staff have a lazy attitude someone else sort the issue out, as an early childhood educator myself we would always have a trained teacher who has spent a good deal of the day with the children to communicate with the parents etc. You need a meeting with the director also bring your husband etc as back up when holding this meeting so you don't get brushed off, have a few notes and days of what happened cos u might need to back up your claims. There is no way my child would be left in an old dirty nappy a staff member has to change them before you go home!!

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    So just an update. I haven't had a chance to speak to the carer I wanted to this week at all. The Team Leader in the O2 room randomly told me she's getting the others to make sure he drinks because she noticed his behaviour changes when he's thirsty, so that's one thing. I did say I noticed he'd been very thirsty when he got home on a couple of days which surprised me because he drinks all day pretty much non stop.

    Yesterday he came home in a pooey nappy. On Wednesday when I went to sign out there was a Please See Staff sticker so I asked about it and the girl was like 'hmmmm, I don't know...oh! He fell over and has a little scratch on his knee'. Well, it's a big scratch, but I get how that happens.

    Then the next day I saw a different educator, the one who had put the sticker in the sign out book, and she told me that DS had 'got into' his bag and pulled out his moo goo cream and put it all over him and he had eaten some. Um, wtf? I find out a day later? How long was he alone for? How much did he eat? And that night he woke up crying hysterically and writhing and I couldn't work out what was wrong. Maybe it was related? I don't know but since I didn't know it had even happened I couldn't do anything. Thank god it was moo goo and all natural.

    Yesterday I got a call at work that he had fallen off his bike and hit his head on the chicken shed and has a 'little lump'. He has a balance bike at home and at his dad's and he has never once fallen off it. I know these things happen, honestly I do, but I'm not sure why he was riding it near the chicken shed which is nowhere near where the kids all hang out.

    So in two days he has had his first two visible injuries :-(

    When I arrived on Thursday the friend I was with had to help a little boy find his hat because there was no one around and I had to help a little girl who was sitting by the door and crying her heart out because after I dropped DS off she was still sitting there.

    So now I feel really uneasy. There is nowhere else to send him. If I tell FOB he is going to put pressure on me to give up work or some work. I've been stewing on it all night. I have to be brave and speak out I know that. It's just how and who to and all that stuff.

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    big hugs. Wish there was an easy fix xx

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    Can you make an appointment to speak with the director?

    Sounds like they need a refresher on supervision & child safety.

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    I hear you! DD just transitioned up to the three room after Christmas break with no 'transition' she just had to go to the new room and get on with it, the record keeping is not filled in every other day, half the time I don't know how much she has slept or eaten and I feel off kilter, and she has lost two pairs of shoes this week too.

    She really misses her bestie but he doesn't go up till the middle of the year, the carers are lovely though and one of her old carers went up to the room as well.

    It's hard though, it's hard when you have daycare anxiety, I would have a chat to them Harvs and put forth your expectations, the poo nappies is not good enough nor is the lack of information in general are they short staffed, it sounds like it xxxxxx

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    I've also dealt with the country daycare (aka: no other choice) and had mixed experiences. We were at a centre for several years and the carers were lovely, they always did the right paperwork for injuries, did great meals, no issues with dirty nappies. A lot of the staff were very lax on filling in the diaries however and things would often go missing. It was really hard because, being a town, they in turn don't have a wealth of choice when it comes to staff.

    I found the key at this centre, as they had a more casual approach, was to have a really good rapport with as many staff as possible. Then I didn't need to make appointments to get answers, I could just chat to the right person.

    On the nappies, DS is a frequent pooer and I often need to ask them to change him when I pick him up. They always do nappies at 4pm, I often pick him up at 4.30-5.

    PS. Good luck going back to work! I start on Tuesday (kids on Thurs) and I'm freaking out, how am I going to do it all? Eeek!


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