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    Another thing that would make this near impossible to actually
    Implement is that there are religious reasons against contraception for some people as well. How would one police a man on contraception while there isn't anything available to them other than condoms. Do agree however that contraception should be free for those on benefits/low income, making it more accessible may prevent accidental pregnancies but it's no one ones business of people choose to have babies but their own

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    Look at the positive side: it'll create more jobs! Someone's gotta go around checking to see if those condoms are being used.

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    Default No contraception, no dole

    My bf mentioned this early this morning causing yet another argument via text. Was not happy, as I am on payments and I wish I wasn't. I don't think he remembers who actually got me pregnant (he did) and what would happen if he was to lose his job and be forced into all this. Its unfair!! I havent heard from him much at all today after that even though i've said I nearly had my first morning sickness case.

    I actually would have loved to stay on the pill if it wasn't giving me continous pins and needles and if I didn't have a family history of DVT. I actually was only on it as I have horrible heavy AF. So there's no way something like this can be forced onto anyone. Let alone what would happen with the men on these payments? Does this not involve them and only the girls? Wouldn't that be sexist?
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    I'd be furious if I was told I had to use contraception..

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    Quote Originally Posted by vague View Post
    Yep, Make contraception - in all its forms free to those on benefits - or even free to those living under a certain amount - that way people won't 'chance it' when they have to choose between new school clothes/food/insert anything needed here and contraception.

    I know my pill, which was the cheapest generic version cost $50 for a three month supply. I live on way more than the average wage and would have absolutely no problems with 'my tax money' going to that (Disclaimer* just using that saying as many people do, I don't believe it is my money at all to decide where it is spent)
    If you have a low income health care card, the pill is heavily subsidised so it's already accessible. Though I do get what you're saying

    There's no ethical way to stop people falling pregnant in terms of contraception.

    When I was reading the comments under the fb status, a few people said that they could stop people reproducing by only being eligible for payments for the children born before they started receiving welfare, so the payments wouldn't increase with each child they have thereafter. I think that would have to be one of the most nonsensical things I've heard. All that would do is leave lots of children starved and neglected.

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    Taking benefits away from parents would only result in children suffering.

    Also, this is clearly meant to be aimed at women only, not men. I'm sure they don't expect to be policing men on whether they use condoms but I bet this moron would have women present their prescriptions to the Centrelink office before they could get their payment. So it's discrimination for starters.

    And as PP have said, not all women can be on hormonal contraceptives. And they shouldn't have to be if they don't want to. Hormonal contraception is horrible, I hate it and will never go back on it. If I was relying on welfare payments and someone told me I had to start taking contraception or let my family go hungry, I'd be beyond ****ed.

    Yes, there are people who abuse the system. There are people who are just lazy and living on welfare permanently. But there are also people who have had to start getting welfare for reasons beyond there control and those people should not be punished for the behaviour of those few people who are taking advantage.


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