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    Default I'm looking for some help/info on sperm donation

    I've done some research but I'd really like some feedback and help from people with experience.
    I've always wanted to donate, but now that I've just had my own beautiful baby and experienced the joy it brings as well understanding the pain of not being able to experience it the idea is really cementing in my mind. I'm in the middle of preparing for my second child which I take incredibly seriously health-wise. No caffeine, alcohol, headache tablets with codeine, mobile phone in pocket and so on. Daily vitamins and Menevit for 100 days beforehand. It's a bit of an ordeal living like a monk so I thought, whilst I'm being this good for our own go at conception, maybe now is the time to look at donating. I had a very very high count when I got tested, many times the average and our last baby was conceived in a week.

    Basically I think I can help. But I have two problems. One is that I live in northern NSW and there doesn't appear to be any clinic near me that can accept donations. The nearest one I can find is in Robina near the Goldcoast and for some ridiculous reason they won't accept NSW sperm although I'm about as far away from them as a donor in Brisbane.

    So my first question is, does anyone know of a clinic closer to Northern NSW that will accept donations? Or any way around that? Set up a second residence in QLD or something?

    My second question is about non-clinic donation like on this forum which I've only really just learned about. I'd like to hear about some of the benefits and particularly the pitfalls of this from a donor's perspective.

    Does anyone have much experience with the good and the bad of this method coming from the standpoint of someone that wouldn't be up for much contact with a donor child, more like facebook friends with their mother to watch them grow and a bit of penpal action while they're teenagers if they wanted that at most. Whilst I adore the idea of my baby having a half sister or brother out there (as well as another piece of my heart) I don't think it would be fair to her to share her dad's time too much, even though in a perfect world I would want to. I would imagine during the university years onward when it's hard enough getting your child to call home that might change.

    I also have concerns about local donations and the prospect of my children meeting their donor siblings without knowing if its a no contact situation.
    Also the area apart from Byron and segments of the hinterland isn't the most advanced socio-economically and I have strong convictions about education and the importance of book reading and learning within the home which is hopefully financially and emotionally stable. But I can't spend the time travelling and run several businesses. Even when I thought I found a clinic in Lismore I imagined my wife's face as I slipped out of morning baby duties twice a week for a couple of months to donate

    At any rate I'd appreciate input from others as I likely won't be ready to donate until next year and will have sometime to think about it.
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    I thought I would reply to your post :-)

    Being a donor in any area let alone a regional area is a hard task. There is councellor sessions to attend and also multiple tests that a clinic is going to want prior to actually allowing you to donate .. Than they have to quarantine your sample for 6 months whilst you have multiple blood tests to ensure that everything is ok.

    And now all donor children have to go on the register and they can legally find out all your details by 18.

    You can also only donate to 5 families in your state.

    You would not want to be donating naturally as natural insemination (any form that excludes IVF) means that not only the father but the mother are both legally responsible and could be very awkward should the mother want more or be upset If the child is neglected.

    Long story short, most clinics source their donations from the US as the donors actually get money for their donation over there :-D

    I ended up using a US donor as the process is so much easier ... for all involved.

    Best of luck and congrats on the number 2

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    5 families are counted as.

    4 heterosexuals plus the last one for yourself if you become infertile as a result.

    Or 1 gay couple and 1 gay couple. A gay couple is counted as 2 because either one can become pregnant.

    Or 2 heteros and 1 gay couple.

    I applaud you that you have thought of doing this. I would advise against doing a donation not through a clinic.

    It is true you have to go on a donor register but the ownes is on your to keep your details up-to-date. There is nothing stating you have to.

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    Thank you so much for the information. I'd never heard of the legal difference between IVF and other methods. I thought you sign some legal documents and that's that, you're off the hook financially etc no matter which way pregnancy was achieved. I was just actually coming around to non IVF donation (still AI) because you can choose who it goes too. I'll have to consult a lawyer for a final legal opinion on that. No way would I let myself be financially liable.

    I don't mind the rigmarole of IVF donation though. I already give blood and am disease free. I also don't mind being contacted when they are 18.


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