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    Default Renting in QLD

    I've got a bit of a dilemma.

    A friend of mine who used to live next door moved out 2 years ago. The real estate sent her a cleaning bill of $1200 plus mowing bill of $354 plus removal of an old tank $175. She hasn't bothered dealing with this till now. But she has been black listed.

    She did clean her house but the agent still got in cleaners. The agent each inspection takes prolific photos of the property but didn't at her final inspection. The old tank was at the property as the owner replaced it but it was never removed. It's still there now. How can she be charged for something that was never removed?

    In regards to the mowing, no one mowed after they moved out. My sister moved in after my friend left. We mowed the property. We live on acreage. How can they charge her $354 for mowing?

    Now this is my dilemma! I currently still rent through the same real estate. And my friend has asked me to write a statement as to what happened at the time. I don't want to jeopardise my tenancy. But personally I've had enough of the way I've been treated by the real estate. Because when the agent comes for my quarterly inspections he would stay for up to 1 1/2 hrs and he takes photos of everything. I mean even my photos up on the walls and photos of our bedrooms from 3 different angles. I even confronted him because he went into my pantry and took photos. I felt like my privacy had been invaded. We have had issues where our grey water would pool under the house which after 4 years of living here it's finally fixed. But we still have a mould problem inside. The agent told me that I need to get up in my roof space and spray bleach. We have 12ft ceilings. I told him that I would not be doing that as it's unsafe. We have old power points that are hard to turn on. He told my mil to spray them with wd40. I no longer am here for my inspections. My mil is here. He is gone in ten minutes. I would move but we need a 4-5 bed rural home as hubby brings his truck home and our lease runs out in 9 months.

    I want to help my friend but I'm afraid of having no where to live what do I do???

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    If she didn't pay the mowing and removal bills that's probably why they never got it mowed/removed? - or did they take it from her bond? $1200 for cleaning is huge - was it left in a bad state and was she up to date with her rent?

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    Up to date with rent. Her house was clean and tidy.

    It's been 2 years. I understand the need to pay your debts. It's listed that she owes $1800 with TICA
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    I see nothing wrong with writing a statement if it's true, legally speaking it can't harm your current lease.
    Personally, I would write the statement to say that no mowing was done etc, but don't get any more involved than that.
    It's been 2 years... She really should have tried to fix this when she received her first bill.
    It was an invoice and of she felt it wasn't correct she really should have fought that at the time, help her with the statement to say what wasn't done, but I don't think it's going to get her very far with how long she has left it.

    We just moved from a rental property and into our own house, the rental property we left we were there for 1 year (in QLD) and the PM was just like yours, very invasive, never fixed problems, she would rock up for inspections with no notice and blame the post for not delivering the letter (I honestly just think she was lazy) anyway, we just felt like our privacy was being breeched.
    We called RTA all the time and got advise on how to proceed with all different problems we had, they were so helpful and it never tarnished our tenancy.
    If anything the PM backed off, was a bit sour towards us, but she started fixing things when needed and had better boundaries.
    Landlords and Property managers don't hold ALL the power, there is rules they have to follow and if you feel like that is being breached in any way I would call the RTA and just get advise.


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