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    This was in my news feed today:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Busy-Bee View Post
    This was in my news feed today:
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    Mine too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stretched View Post
    I've had much success in a male dominated industry and also in a 'boys school' management environment. I've never rested on my laurels and sobbed 'boohoo poor me can't get a payrise/promotion/taken seriously because I am a woman'. I've gone out and worked hard to prove myself, I've stormed in and demanded what I want and I learnt how to play 'their game by their rules'.

    Doesn't change the fact that the presumptions and discrimination based on gender exist and are still very much an obstacle to be overcome.

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    I've read a lot of your posts stretched and I think there are a lot of women who would find it hard to operate in your workplace. Sexism is certainly alive and well!

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    Here's a controversial side to the argument and it will stab many peoples thoughts that they hold dear. It may need a thread of it's own for separate discussion.

    The one thing I find interesting is that not once has a major root of why women are at a disadvantage in the first place and why they remain at a disadvantage has been mentioned.


    Doesn't matter the religion but they are ALL about dominance of one's mind. The more religious the society the more oppressed are the women as they are about power and control. It gives men the "ruler" feel by controlling their minds and makes women the lesser by preventing their minds from developing. If the mind has knowledge then one can think for oneself. If one thinks for oneself then you are a threat and must be punished for stepping off your path which has been forced into your life. Religion says "this is the way things are done" if you think then you are evil as any thought that differs must be evil and must be put straight.

    It's so obvious but rarely spoken about. If you want equality you will have to remove the primary cause. You have to free the minds of BOTH boys and girls when they are young to think for themselves and see each others as equals.

    Why did religions put up such a stink about the "ethics" classes which should replace religious classes? It removes their power to control our children's minds by telling them how to act. Show me one religion that teaches one "how to think for oneself"? I can give you many examples of religions that say "do not think because this is the rule and if you do not obey then you will be punished"

    Yelling at businesses won't make a difference. They goal is making money. If they can get as much out of their staff for as little money as they can then they will.

    If you want women to have freedom of their own minds and be considered equals in everything from pay to work equality, freedom from hurt and everything else it entails then you have to show ALL children (boys and girls) at a young age how to think, to think, and teach them about the benefits of an equal society.

    How did Tony Abbot get to be the way he is? What directed his thoughts to be as they are? He was directed by that which directed his parents. Which directed his parent's parents and so on. He has a great intellectual potential. Imagine what he could have been if he was brought up with an open mind. He was brought up to be the way he is by BOTH parents. His mother AND father. His own children disagree with him about many things because they were educated which resulted in their lesser dependence on religious thought.

    If one could choose to believe in a greater being without religion then it would be a different story but as long as parents push religion onto their children then you will ALWAYS have inequality. It's one thing believing in a greater power but religions are about power and the more people you recruit the more power you have. Religion is about keeping people poor and uneducated. To keep them uneducated they are told how to think. How to behave. It rules you life and your mind in the name of "GOOD" to keep you in line so you obey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acadaca View Post
    I've read a lot of your posts stretched and I think there are a lot of women who would find it hard to operate in your workplace. Sexism is certainly alive and well!
    I agree and that's part of my point. *I* have been able to overcome the barriers in place due to systemic sexism. However I've only had to do that because they exist, they are not some over-sensationalised media hype, they are reality. The issues are so big that many women are still thoroughly 'trained' to stay meek, to not fight it, to be made to feel like 'ballbreakers' if they try, etc.

    For the record, I'm referring my first career in these experiences, not my current career in teaching.

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