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    Default Calling all parents of ONLY children!

    I think anyone is welcome but I read the post and she pretty much confirmed what most of us were concerned with the most, her life was better with a sibling to share it with , something a lot of us can't give our only kids - so I believe she's wasn't intentionally meaning to upset anyone but I did read it and get sad again for my DS, this thread I think is just more supportive and can be quite emotional, that's the only reason I think we should all be sensitive in what we say in some threads , especially if you are not really in the situation we are talking about as it might be harder to empathise and understand what we are all feeling

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyno1onboard View Post
    Actually there are many in there that could have another child but chose not to. I don't think the thread title is clear. Are we not welcome?
    Of course you are welcome! You have 1 child.. The thread calls for parents of 1 child. The post in question boasted about how her life was better once her sibling came along and it was a bit left field compared to all the previous discussion in here about life with 1 child wether we chose to not have more or couldn't.

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    Default Calling all parents of ONLY children!

    I have 1 child and would also love another but it seems unlikely as my husband is dead set against it.. So I find myself trying to come to terms with only having 1. Which is quite funny because I posted in this thread 2 years ago saying 1 was all I wanted or needed.. Goes to show how things change

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    I had 3 siblings (brothers). My parents are dead and I was only close to one brother who died last year. The other 2 exclude me and cause me a lot of pain. I have one child (teenager) who sees all this and insists she is happy to be an only child. Because I have one we have a nice lifestyle, we go on overseas holidays every year - I'm taking her to Europe for Christmas which would be impossible with more than one. I connect with our extended family to make sure she feels part of a family group and we have close friends. I think I'm a good mother to one, but probably wouldn't have been a good mother to more than one.

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    I only have 1 DD. We always planned for more, but my body had other plans. Now I'm in my late 30's, I'm finally coming to terms with having an only child. Some days I struggle with it, I hate that my last 2 pregnancies ended in miscarriage, but other days I'm content with 1 child. The thought of going back to sleepless nights is enough to turn me off it. In the end, I don't really have a choice, my body just won't work like it should. I need a hysterectomy (Adenomyosis and Endo pains are sucking the life out of me) but that's just too final and I'm not quite ready to give up that last little bit of hope yet. I just wish people would stop telling me I need to have another, that's a big pet hate of mine.

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