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    Quote Originally Posted by Designer JTJF View Post

    EDIT: to avoid double posting!
    @Pilbara and @SimpsonDesert- thank you for your feedback it is very much appreciated - a couple of questions for you... aside the concern for safety / SIDS prevention, what sorts of features would you primarily be concerned with if you were to purchase a bassinet? Would you be looking at its portability ? rigidity? Height? Cost? Post use (being used as storage / furniture / likelihood of being sold as as a second hand product)? Features (such as mobiles / lighting / vibrations etc)?

    That said, some of the features we have started to explore look at the avenue of providing an enriched sleeping experience for the infant (and parent if the infant is in the same room as the parent) ... we have read some research papers suggesting that rockers can encourage better sleep (longer sleep duration and less time to fall asleep) ... what sort of experiences / strategies do you use or may have seen that seem to assist with this?

    Thanks again for reading through and taking the time to reply... as two young men with no real infant caring experience its great to hear these stories / experiences from the source

    I would want it to NOT rock, as I have read that babies have been tipped over onto their sides against the edge of the bassinet and suffocated. (Or at least it would need to be able to be locked into an unrockable position). (Swings which move the baby forward and back do seem to encourage sleep without risking tipping babies onto their sides, but bassinets usually swing/rock side to side).

    It would need very good airflow.

    i would want it to be easily moved from room to room.

    i would want it to be approximately the same height (or lower) as my bed, so that at night I could have bubs right next to me and easily see him/pat him...

    to be honest, while vibration and mobiles etc might be useful, I probably wouldn't want to pay the additional $$ for these features on something with such a limited lifespan.

    im also not that concerned with it having another use, I would most likely just pass it on to someone else once I'd finished with it. If it magically transformed into a chair or a lamp table, it's unlikely to be the exact style I was wanting...

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    We bought a beautiful rocking cradle. With wooden sides like a cot. I would say NEVER use a rocking cradle. I put bub in it one night thinking it was locked in so it couldn't rock. I walked out of the room to get a drink before bed. I heard a huge squeal come from the room and found my baby with his body pressed up against the side of the cradle. His neck against one of the bars. After that I co slept as I was too scared to leave him alone.

    Me + Him = Perfection born 05/11/12

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    I have a one month old & so currently using a bassinet. We have the Tasman Eco. We got it 2nd hand & bought a new mattress for it.

    Much nicer looking than the frilly ones

    Good size - should last him a while

    Was Choice recommended

    Portability - we actually move it between our room & the lounge room a few times every day. The wheels on this one were better than the Boori, but I still wish they were better/smoother, especially for pushing back & forth to soothe him.

    Mesh sides allow air flow which is good in hot weather.

    Bub seems very comfy.

    The double mesh sides have already proven a problem to wipe clean. My baby has projectile vomited a couple of times & it gets stuck in the gaps between the 2 layers of mesh. Ewww. Looks like we can take it all off to wash it, but when? He sleeps in it most of the time.

    Wheels kind of go all over the place, they don't wheel straight. I can't easily push him back & forth to soothe.

    Expensive for the limited length of use.

    Visibility in the side is actually very poor, contrary to what someone else said earlier. When he makes a funny noise I can't really see in from bed. I still need to get up to check on him. But then you wouldn't want it too clear, as too many distractions for baby.

    It could do with a shelf underneath (there's room for one, seems petty that there isn't one) and/or a rail on at least one end for putting a cloth or blanket over.

    Hope that helps. :-)

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    Both of my kids used bassinets until they were 7 months old, it was bought for me. I was given the target frilly one. I ended up taking off the skirting for better air flow and to be able to see bubs through the mesh was much better. I liked that it could be rocked or locked into place. Adjustable height would be great, as well as easily reachable storage.

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    It would be great to see a bassinet where you could angle the base slightly so that those with reflux babies could prop them up slightly without compromising their safety.

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    Hi everyone,

    still haven't worked out how to reply to everyone without posting double/triple posts! but please note your feedback is fantastic and we are genuinely excited to now explore some of the avenues you have started us looking into... feel free to keep your insight in our sight!

    quick side note - previous post should have stated SLIDING* (not rocking) was one of the hot topics we hoped to hear more about!



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