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    Default Pre eclampsia, IUGR concerns. Advice anyone?

    Just posting here too

    Please bare with me, this will be long!

    I fell pregnant with my first child in 2010, I used the midwife based care and saw them every 4 weeks or so. During my pregnancy I had 2 scans, one at 12 weeks and the other at 20 weeks, both was fine and pregnancy was progressing well. I began to notice that I was experiencing a lot of oedema, all over my body and had quite a small belly. At each midwife appointment my bp pressure was taken and my fundal height, I was never told if my bp was high or low and my small tummy was dismissed as myself was tiny. All concerns I had were dismissed and told dont worry. At 39 weeks the midwife finally thought it was worth a checkup scan and the ultrasound tech told me to go straight to my midwife and give her the report. I had little fluid left and my bub was measuring very small. I was admitted to hospital that afternoon and monitored to be induced the following morning. I started having contractions that night probably from the stress and gave birth naturally 3 hours before I was meant to be induced. My bub was passed to me when I deleivered and I could clearly see something was wrong, when I notified them that something wasn't right they snatched bub off me and took her to that table in the corner and called about 10 doctors In, they worked on bub for 11 minutes according to paperwork (I cannot remember much) while I deleivered the placenta. The placenta was gross and all falling apart (I ended up with retained placenta also) bub was taken to nicu and weighed at 1700 grams for 39 weeks gestation.

    I was never given an answer as to why this happened, what it is called? All I got was a apology from the midwife as to not realising sooner that something was wrong. I asked for my placenta to be sent away and tested but it was chucked out. I now have a healthy still tiny toddler.

    I went on to have a miscarriage in 2010 and then a ectoptic in 2012 that again was not diagnosed despite my voicing of concerns of low HCG levels and it eventually burst resulting in emergency surgery and removal of a Fallopian tube.

    I am now entering my second trimester in 4th pregnancy but 2nd child. I have just been seeing a gp but am just another number and they don't even remember my name when I go for checkups. The gp suggested I do shared care for this pregnancy but I am just dissapointed that I can't have more care like a high risk patient would. Surely I am not low risk after my history. I went to a different gp who listened and said it sounds like I had preeclampsia with my first and he gave me a referral for the antenatal clinic at the hospital. I took it there myself but was just told I'd have to wait to see a midwife, could take upto 20 weeks, fair enough.

    My question is has anyone else been through something similar? I wish I could afford to be a private patient and have a ob look after me. I'm so worried I will develop something later on in this pregnancy and no one will hear my concerns again.

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    Firstly, sorry to hear you had such a traumatic experience...and from what I know, it sounds like you possibly had pre eclampsia??

    The only reason I say this is that in this pregnancy (my second) I was diagnosed as being at high risk of Pre eclampsia from my blood tests carried out at 12 weeks (The NT screening etc). I should say I am a public patient (at Sydney RPA hospital) doing shared care between the birth centre and my GP.

    As a result of my elevated risk (and in conjunction with the fact that I had a high BP towards the end of my first pregnancy), I have been subjected to many additional scans, appointments etc to ensure everything is on track.

    I have had numerous additional growth scans, attended the hyper tension clinic (although I do not have hyper tension) and been sent to the OB clinic a couple of times. All of this was to ensure that the baby was growing well and that I wasn't developing BP issues. I am now 38 + 3 and everything is on track - the bub is measuring average for gestation and I feel about as well as I can expect at this stage.

    I would say, given your history, I would be expecting at least a similar level of treatment as I am receiving. My first bub was a healthy baby (3.8kg - full term) and my high BP caused no issues.

    Did you have the NT screening? If so, check with your GP if they screened for risk of Pre-eclampsia. Perhaps not all hospitals carry out this testing. However, even if this testing wasn't carried out it seems you should really be treated as a high risk patient (and in fact this may not even have been what you suffered). I would think it is reasonable to discuss with the midwife that you would like a review by an OB. The birth centre at RPA offer referral directly to the OB if you have major concerns (for example my first baby has severe food allergies - including baby formula - and they offered me a referral to the OB for this).

    Just because you are a public patient doesn't mean you should feel like you are getting poor care. Not everyone can afford private care. However, in my experience, I have found the public system excellent and have never felt like my care has been sub-standard. In fact - I have sometimes been a little frustrated at the number of tests they are carrying out 'just to make sure everything is ok!'.

    I don;t have the answers for you - but I hope this gives you the confidence to ask for a review of your pregnancy by an OB at least. Hopefully your hospital offers some of the services that RPA does.

    Good luck...

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    Thank you hroebuck, that's good that your pregnancy has progressed really well and if it wasn't, they would be onto it really quick!

    You make some really good points, I'll bring all these up at that initial appointment and hope I am then referred to someone who will do that additional monitoring and testing. I did yes have the NT scan and everything seems fine. I have also requested my hospital records from last pregnancy so hopefully I'll have these with me also to look over.

    Thank you again


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