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    I think you need to do what makes you comfortable and what you need to do.
    I had to mix feed with my DD and I felt bad to begin with but then I thought about it in the way that I need to do what I need to dofor our beautiful baby girl.

    Dont beat yourself up about this - there is nothing wrong with moving on from BF. You might even find that you are more comfortable and relaxed when you move to formula as you will have more time to spend with your baby girl.

    Keep your chin up x

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    Hugs hugs hugs.

    I felt sooooo guilty for not BF my ds2 for longer. He was sick at 8 days old and virtually stopped feeding all together. He was rehospitalised for 6 days with what was originally thought to be meningitis.
    I was so stressed that I forgot to express and so my supply was shot from the beginning.
    No amount of expressing or motilium helped, and at 2 months we were comp feeding, by 3 months he was fully FF.

    I felt so guilty. I hated myself for it for months and 2 years later I still feel guilty.

    But u know what?? He thrived on the formula. He no longer looked poorly, he started to gain weight and he was really happy.

    I totally agree with the pp who said 'happy mum = happy bub!.

    I no longer had to sit on the couch for an hour only to pump out 30mls, and I could play with my other kid rather than always worrying about my supply.

    Do what you think is best for you and bub.

    You're not a failure. You're giving bub all the nutrition that they need and emotionally and physically you can focus more than if you were stuck on a pump all day.

    Good luck what ever you decide.

    Ps I'm still a breastfeeding advocate, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

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    Wow 14 weeks! That's amazing what a great effort I was ready to give up after 1 week. Don't feel guilty you have done a great job, you need to look after yourself as well. Bub needs a happy healthy mum

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    Are you me? I am expressing as I write this. I made it to 12 weeks exclusive ebm, but I just couldn't do it anymore. I am now expressing twice a day (once in the morning, once at night), I'm currently using up the last of my frozen supply and adding one formula feed a day. By next week (DD will be 13 weeks) I will probably be half/half ebm/formula.

    Already I feel so much better. I have time to spend with DD, I'm not constantly checking my watch or worrying about if I don't get home in time etc etc.

    Everyone I have spoken to is amazed that I made 12 weeks, so you should be even happier with your effort. We have done all that we could.

    I had a few tears last week, when I realised that I just couldn't do it anymore.

    I am not sure how long I will keep up the twice a day pumping, but I am now of the opinion that any extra day is a great achievement.

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    I so could've written this post! I exclusively pumped for 6 months and man, I was a headcase! Constantly obsessing over numbers and stressing about whether there'd be enough for the next feed without dipping into the freezer stash. I flat out refused to comp with formula. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against feeding formula but I'm a bit all or nothing about some things and I was determined to give dd nothing but breast milk for 6 months. Breast milk has so many benefits but when you become a slave to the pump and miserable all the time because of it it's really tough. It took me a little while to finally be at peace with the idea of weaning off the pump and the guilt associated with it but when I did I knew I did what was right for us. I gave dd her first bottle of formula and she didn't bat an eyelid. Her weight gain has stayed on the same path and I'm happier spending the extra time with her.

    You have done an amazing job getting to 14 weeks and should be very proud of yourself. One thing I learnt is it doesn't have to be all or nothing - you could always drop pumps and mix feed or stop pumping all together and mix feed with your freezer stash? Donor milk is always an option too. Whichever you decide to go, no need to feel guilty. You've done great and it's not easy!

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    I can't believe you have exclusively pumped for 14 weeks!! Bloody awesome! When my boy was young daddy gave him one bottle of EBM per day and to get that I had to pump twice per day for 45 minutes each time. It was such a pain in the ****! Not just rhe pumping but the washing and sterilising too! And you are doing it every 3 hours? !!!!!

    I think guilt is part of it for everyone and is just a sign we love our bubbas. I wanted to make it to 2 years of bf'ing my boy but he self weaned a couple of months short of that. I was pretty sad at first... Then I thought what is the alternative? Trying to force him to bf while he is crying? Thats ridiculous. Now I look at him walk around in the morning with his sippy cup of cows milk and he lets me know when he is 'all done.' I am so proud of him being a big boy now and any guilt I felt is now gone.
    - I don't mean to be condascending by comparing out troubles. Just wanted to let you know that guilt is there no matter what you do and at some point you have to say 'fu@k it, I've got to be rational about this and do what is best for bub and me.'

    Good luck...


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