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    Default What was your experience like when getting your BFP

    Hi ladies
    I'm just wanting to share a bit of our story.
    My wife and I have just done our first cycle trying for baby #2 and It has been such a ride! Ever since having our first my cycles have been between 29-35 days so it makes it hard to pin point ovulation but we took a gamble
    My last period was 3 of September and we done 1 insem on the 15th of September as the 2ww went on I started to get symptoms watery cream cm (sorry tmi) bb enlarged and heartburn! I knew something wasn't right.
    CD 31- I woke up with some brown spotting I though AF was coming morning came and it had turned like the first day of AF but I had worse cramps then it started to get light I knew that it didn't seem right
    CD 32- its morning still bleeding but it wasn't as heavy I was thinking maybe it was a lighter period but as the day went on it got light and turned to spotting at times for a few hours. Defiantly not normal for me it stopped at night
    CD 33- morning same as CD 32 but lighter and was only really when I wiped and so again it stopped in the afternoon bit earlier then the day before
    CD 34- it started again but it was more brown and light and stopped by lunch time. So I had what I thought must of been a light period I had also done a test which was BFN so we thought we were out for the month.
    But I was still questioning why I felt like this my bbs were still growing, heaps of cm, horrible heartburn and starting to really bloat. I took a frer test and we seen what seemed to be a very faint shadow like line in the time frame but we just brushed it off we done another the next day and it was still there. We decided to try some different tests, we were goin to try CB but none of the shops here have them so we just got the fr dip and read test.
    CD 39 there is a line its faint but you could just see it
    CD 40 (today) it's darker still faint but it's darker so it looks like we have a BFP!! if so I'm 5.4weeks I'm getting bloods done next week to confirm so we're not quiet getting our hopes up until then

    What was your experience with testing and implantation bleeding if you had any or not?
    Did you have a early or late BFP?

    With our first we got a BFP about CD 35 but that was a very dark BFP and had no implantation bleeding.

    We would love to hear your stories!

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    Just took my first ever pregnancy test a week ago and it came up positive. DP and I had had unprotected sex a couple of times in the weeks before but I was notttttt expecting to get pregnant. In my head pregnancy was always a thing that took months of trying (unless you were an irresponsible teenager - then it took just the one time, hehe).

    My first indication was hormones that made me a raging crazy person. I had a MASSIVE fight with my DP - we rarely fight and never fight like that - and I felt totally out of control. DP and I both blamed PMS (I do get horrible mood swings from PMS). Then I started getting these really strange cramps. At first I assumed they were pre-period cramps, but unlike any I'd had before. They were quite short and shallow cramps, that would quickly contract five or six times in a row before stopping for a while. This happened once or twice an hour for days. It was on about the third day that I started really suspecting that something weird was going on, since I was still having unusual cramps and still hadn't got my period.

    I waited until I was three days late before I tested and yup, instant positive.

    Oh, and DP says he suspected before the cramps even started because I had been 'baby crazy' for a few days, and hadn't been able to stop talking about them. He said he literally couldn't change the subject from babies for more than two minutes. I don't remember that, but I'll take his word for it, hehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazielle View Post
    Just took my first ever pregnancy test a week ago and it came up positive. DP and I had had unprotected sex a couple of times in the weeks before but I was notttttt expecting to get pregnant. In my head pregnancy was always a thing that took months of trying (unless you were an irresponsible teenager - then it took just the one time, hehe).
    lol oh dear, this is exactly what happened here too! I was completely convinced that I'd have to TTC for ages when the time came...

    I tested because I was about 3 days late, and my boobs had surpassed their usual PMS tenderness and reached this whole new level of intense soreness and sensitivity! There were a couple of other minor symptoms, but mostly that. No implantation bleeding.

    Because this was unplanned, seeing my first BFP wasn't exactly the joyous occasion I'd always dreamt of.
    Lots of alternating panic and denial, and I was terrified of telling my boyfriend- we've only been together a few months. But he's been amazing, it's been 5 days since we found out and I'm actually starting to get a teeny bit excited


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