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    We go for walks all the time. To mix it up DD either rides her bike, scoots or we do a big walk to the playground. We're lucky and also live near our local shops so we walk rather than drive when we only need a few things. DD loves being outside which makes it easier for us.

    Since DD discovered the iPad we also now make sure when the weather is nice it's outside play (or basically anything that isn't tv or iPad) until it starts to get dark/too cold.

    ETA - we also try not to have junk in the house (just as much for my benefit too haha). We have treats, but we go out for them... Ice cream dates, meals out etc. at home it's just healthy, basic food. Lots of fruit for snacks etc
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    We walk/ride every day unless its raining. Go to the beach or park as much as possible where the 4 girls are constantly running around, kicking a ball and just playing. Other times you'll find us at the pool swimming.
    My girls are only 1,3,4&6 but are extremely fit for their ages. My 6 year old loves going for a 4km run with her dad.

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    We have very limited processed foods in our house. On offer is anything fresh (fruit and veg), yoghurt, cheese, gluten free crackers (a few varieties), nuts, healthy cereals, almond milk etc. We base meals around protein, so eggs, meats and legumes. Snacks are the hardest but I always bake (sugar free) so there are always homemade options, otherwise avo toast, crackers and cheese, dried fruit and nuts, fruit, sandwich, baked beans, yogurt or leftover dinner. I am pretty full on about it but our kids can live it up a bit when we're camping or go out to eat/have take away.

    DH is a PE teacher and I am a dance teacher so we both like to be fit. We go for walks, bike rides, have a kick around with a ball, encourage trampoline use/skipping, go rollerblading on a regular basis. Exercise is part of our day to day lives.

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    We walk everywhere, to the supermarket, the gym, the GP, the dentist, to the park etc. my daughter starts kindly next year and we will walk there too.

    Instead of going to friends houses or meeting at a cafe, I meet my friends for a walk (usually 5km or more).

    I try to eat healthily in front of my kids but they do see me eating chocolate after dinner most nights.

    I think the best way is to lead by example so I put a lot of effort into maintaining a healthy weight and exercising daily, my kids will see this and hopefully follow in my footsteps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergeron View Post
    I take the dog for a walk daily with my kids.
    Sometimes if dh isn't working he comes too.
    We don't make walks a choice, it's just something that's done daily, unless someone is sick of course, I'm trying to teach the kids it's just something normal you do daily, like brushing your teeth or drinking water.

    Some ways I make it more interesting for my 3yo:
    - she takes a bucket and fills it with leaves, rocks, twigs for craft when we get back home.
    - ask her to count cars, or tell me the colors of cars going past as we walk.
    - we stop off at a big open field with a ball and we kick it around, play tiggy etc
    - she has fancy shoes that light up (got these recently from kmart) which are only for walks, she loves the shoes so will be all up for a walk if I bring the shoes out.

    We live by the rule that there is no "adult drinks" like coke etc in the house.
    Nothing is off limits to the kids as it's all healthy now.
    I hated saying "that's for adults" all the time, we stopped as I don't think it's installing good views into our kids, they might think its unfair that we could eat chips, drink soft drink etc because we are adults and they have to have water and a bowl of veggies, I want them to be healthy for life, not just as a child who when reaching adulthood goes and has all the stuff mum and dad use to have because they think that normal in adulthood iykwim.
    Dh and I still might have chocolate etc once a week but we do it when they are in bed where and never know about it

    The kids help with meal preparations, they help doing the shopping, they bag all the veggies and each week my 3yo has a job, and that's to try a new veggie/fruit and learn the color, name, texture of it, no one else gets that "special" veggie except her, I just make her feel extra important like its a huge job for her to have.
    I now avoid the "crap" isles, they don't see it then no questions get asked.
    It's hard a check outs etc where there is Sweets everywhere, they ask, almost all the time and I just say no.
    Lots of tantrums at first but now they know I won't back down.
    They still ask lol, but only once.

    We try to do things each weekend.
    For years my husband and I would sit around all day doing jack all, but now we get out and do things on our days off.

    My husband and I were quite overweight for a long time.
    It got to the point the kids were asking for junk non stop, behavior was shocking, sugar highs and all sorts.
    I've always struggled with weight, I did so much to loose it all, it was such a hard experience but that's when I realized I did not want my children to ever think the way my husband and I lived was normal, I never wanted my kids to have to experience the feeling of having to loose huge amounts of weight like I did.
    It was hard, and I swear the kids hated me for a good while because of it.
    Most of the time they wouldn't eat anything because it wasn't junk.
    But stick to your guns and the end result is well worth it.

    My eldest was at a party a few weeks back and had cake, lollies, cordial.
    I was ok with this as it would have been the first time in about 9 months he has had it.
    He said after he had a sore tummy and didn't like that stuff anymore.
    We had another party last weekend and he didn't eat any of it lol.
    I never thought I would have a child like that. Ever.
    Thanks to your post, we walked to the park yesterday and collected a bucket of leaves and twigs and grass etc. At home, we spent ages gluing them into paper making pictures.

    Thank you for the great idea. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.


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