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    Default Breastfeeding and returning to work

    Hi all.

    I'm due to return to work in 5 weeks and would love some advice about dropping feeds for my DD.

    She will be 11.5 months when I return and is currently on 5 feeds per day. Her routine is currently:

    Breastfeeds at 7.00am, 11.00am, 3.00pm, 6.15pm and then 10.30pm
    Solids: 8.00am, 12.30pm, 5.20pm and rice cake/fruit snacks in the pram throughout the day
    Sleeps: 9.00 / 9.30 for 1.5 hrs, 2.00pm for 1.5 hrs and bed at 6.30pm.

    I'm thinking about dropping the 11.00am breastfeed. Would I then give a morning snack when she wakes up and maybe bring lunch forward?

    If I decide to drop the 3.00pm feed too, should I substitute with cows milk, seeing as though we're close to the 12 month mark? I'd like to keep with morning and night feed, and drop the 10.30pm feed as some stage too. I'm not in an hurry to do that as it may be too much to go from 5 feeds to 2.

    How far in advance should I be dropping the feeds?? Thanks!!

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    I'd do one feed at a time if you are dropping a feed and to make things easier I'd combine the 11am and 2pm feed into one ?12:30pm. That will mean one feed for when you are at work. I wouldn't go to cows milk yet as from what you've said I think your dd is currently only 10 months old. Could you try EBM or use formula for that feed for a couple of weeks before you start back at work?

    Honestly, if you are happy to continue feeding for now I'd just go from 5 feeds to 4 and then when you're settled into work and your dd into childcare you can drop others and by that stage you can replace with cowsmilk.

    I went back to work when my dd was 5 months old (although quite part time). She would feed 2 - 3 hourly when I was home with her, but happily go 6 hours without a feed if she was without me (by the time she was about 8 months old). So, even if you don't change the feeding pattern you might find she's happy with only 1 mid-day feed at childcare.

    I weaned my dd over a month, dropping a feed a week or so. I thought I'd end up just doing the bedtime feed, but she actually wanted to keep the morning feed, so she had that for the last 2 weeks before we stopped. I weaned her onto formula as she refused cows milk (now I realise she just wanted it warm, she still does at nearly 2!). Once she was fully weaned I worked harder on changing her to full cream milk, but she was 16 months when she was weaned, so a bit older than your dd. I weaned my ds over 48 hours at 11.5 months (I got sick and my supply stopped) and he went onto formula at his Paediatrician's request as he had other health issues.

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    yes I would drop the morning feed and replace with a snack when she gets up from her nap, then moving lunch forwards.

    I would also drop the pm feed and replace with a snack after her nap.

    At this sort of age (11.5 months) food should become the main source of nutrition rather than milk. So I would be now giving the food first and milk after for all meals, if you feel she needs it. She shouldn't then need the 10.30pm feed as she's had a decent size dinner and some milk just before bed to see her through the night.

    I think that a morning and bed time BF, with a sippy cup of cows milk after snack times, would work well and keep up her calcium intake without being too heavily dependent on milk, as well as giving cheese and yogurt as part of meals.

    I would say giving cows milk two weeks before she's a year old would be fine, we introduced it bang on 12 months with no problem and can't see what harm giving it two weeks early would do.

    Good luck with your return to work!

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