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    SVD - a bi congrats on the safe arrival of you precious little men. Much love to you all. May they have a peaceful, healthy and happy life. Xx

    Pixel - so very excited for you. It was a long time in the wait. Xx

    Abundance - all positive energy your way tomorrow. Your body has been really well prepped for the FET so try your very best to relax. Wishing you bucket loads of baby dust. Xxx

    Jodie - thinking of you Hun xx

    To all other ladies xx

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    Abundance - good luck with your transfer. Acupuncture is AMAZING and I swear by it. I have been having treatment every week for 18 months and I know it's made a difference to me. If you get a chance go and see Vicki Hindmarsh in Cape Town - she fitted me in the day of my transfer and i had one of the most amazing acupuncture sessions I have ever had. A compassionate lady and extremely talented. Good luck. I've got my fingers crossed that this is your time also.

    AFM - I am having terrible nausea and threw up in my bin at work yesterday :-( I seem to be eating all the time, as that is the only time I don't feel sick. Can't stop thinking about our scan tomorrow. I am just praying that we see a heartbeat.

    Lots of love and babydust to all of you amazing women xxx

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    Rainbow, sorry your feeling so ill but that is a great sign things are going well Hope your scan goes well!!

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    Default Dipping my toes in the water!

    Hello there Ladies
    Im a (very recent) newby to this site and have been lurking around this thread for a couple of months now.
    I am 41/42 in Jan 2014, DH is 48. We are still on our journey to parenthood.

    I have been reading up on all of your journeys/comments/information to keep me inspired for my recent trip to Cape Town for ED cycle # 1. We arrived back on Sunday and are currently in our 2ww. I didnt have the confidence to engage until now.. not sure why. It was just a comfort to me to read all of your posts as we went on our journey.

    im not sure on all of the acronyms, so will do this the old fashioned way!
    me and my hubby have been TTC for 8 years.
    We have had 7 miscarriages, followed by 4 unsuccessful IVF cycles here in oz.
    I started to google the ED process and found you guys!

    I came across the 1st thread (started by JodiW), and found it so informative. It helped us feel it would be possible.

    Based on your stories, we took the gamble to head down this route. We found a donor with Nurture, and headed off in the direction of Dr Le Roux at cape fertility. We had our 1st apt on 9th Sept, with our EC on Friday 13th (of all days)!. Our donor gifted us with 12 eggs, of which 11 were fertilised overnight. A result that we had never dreamed possible! by day 3 we had dropped down to 8 - which is still a miracle in our book.
    On weds 18th we went in for our transfer, and to our amazement, we still had 7 excellent blasto's.... We are still in shock to be honest. After transferring 2 back in, we flew home on 20th after having left behind 5 frosties.
    Even though the above looks promising on paper, I am very hesitant to get carried away, as we have been disappointed before.

    I suppose I just wanted to let you know that you have all been an inspiration to me (even though you wouldn't know it whilst I lurked in the shadows).

    Im keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP (learning slowly....) next week.
    Now I have 'made contact' im sure I wont be able to shut the hell up....

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    Angelmama74 ?
    Helenmac (Cape Town - ? Nov/Dec)

    Crystal4431 (Zlin - ? Jan 2014)
    January (Cape Town - ? Mar 2014)
    Sahndi (Cape Town - ? 2014)


    DONOR CONTRACT (signed by both parties)
    Net3811 (Barbados - ET 12 Dec)

    Makeba (Cape Town - FET 5 Nov)
    JodiW (Cape Town - FET ?)
    BB4Me (Cape Town - FET ?)

    Sootymay (Cape Town - ET ?)

    Abundance1 (Cape Town - FET 25 Sep)

    Helonweels (2x5D)

    Pixel (2x4D)
    Rainbowchaser (2x3D Frozen) EDD 19/5/14
    Wishmeluck (1x5D)
    Sunny15 (2x5D - singleton) - EDD 16/4/14
    Anait (2x5D - singleton)
    Jennilee67 (2x5D - singleton)
    BJ04 (1x5D)
    AllieOop (2x5D - singleton)
    Araline (2x5D)
    TwoWhites (2x5D - singleton)
    Missleo (twins)
    Nicole72 (twins)

    SVD (twin boys - 6/9/13)
    Laned (boy - 24/4/13)
    JodiW (boy)
    Smika (girl)
    Sahndi (boy)
    Theresa68 (girl)
    WilsonJoy (twin boys)
    Jed (boy & girl)
    SummerShine (boy)
    Sally08 (twins)

    2013 STATS

    BFP = 15 (14 fresh & 1 frozen/4 sets of twins)
    BFN = 10 (9 fresh & 1 frozen)
    Pregnancy Loss = 1
    Bio-chemical = 1

    Unkown Results = 7

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    Hi Ladies,

    Helonweels - A big welcome to you and all the best for your 2WW Look forward to more posts from you

    Rainbow - All the best with your scan today. Maybe 2 heartbeats

    You poor love vomiting in your work bin. Probably a good sign though

    Abundance1 - welcome back and best of luck today

    Pixel - Great news on rising numbers. Just goes to show that positives happen even when things don't go to plan

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    PIXEL.....WOO blimey HOO!!!!!!!! That is just the best news ever. So totally happy for you that after all this time it is good news!! BIggest congrats and hugs n cheers. I will have a glass of Baileys for you hun! xxxx

    Haven't been on for a couple of weeks as we have bought a house and are midst packing to move but spoke to Anait today and she shared your super news so I just had to send you my love n good wishes. xx

    AFM...Flying to Brisbane in the morning to see Barbara as Dr Wazza is away. First time going there but its kitchen sink, boots n all for me this next cycle. Ho hum!!!!!!

    Girls.....hugs from me. Best wishes and Baby Dust. Will be in touch. Early night as early flight!!!!

    Donna xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Welcome helonweels - so glad you have come forward to share your story with us! I too lurked for awhile, but I couldn't stay away and jumped in boots and all after a week or so, just felt I had to, as if none of us did, we wouldn't have this information to share. That is a wonderful result. I loved your comment on "now that I've made contact I wont be able to shut up!!" Love it, I've got a bit that way myself. Join us, its fun and comforting. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Rainbow - one more sleep. Poor thing throwing up in the bin... I know this sounds terrible, but I had to laugh at that - probably not funny at the time, but wow what a good sign as one of the other ladies said... I threw up in a bin at work in my early 20's... but for other reasons !!

    Pixel - how's your reality of pregnancy feeling now that its a few days later, is your imagination running wild with the thoughts of that long awaited child is on its way to you now?! Its a miracle isn't it

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    Hi Ladies, I officially have 2 x 5D on board. Thank you for all your well wishes. I did go to see Vicky after my transfer . I had seen her last time too. She is a lovely lady. I'm planning to see her again on Saturday on my way to the airport. I normally see Jane Littleton in Sydney. She has written a few books and is the guru on fertility. I asked Vicky today about pineapple, Brazil nuts and avocado and she agrees they are a welcome addition To the menu in the 5 days post transfer. They help to calm the nervous system and assist with Implantation so I'm giving it a go. I also thought I'd share something that I have been told by fertility clinics previously which is to not wear any deodorant, fragrances or anything with fragrances on day of transfer as they can affect the embryos.

    Now for 2 days bed rest and the dreaded 2WW. Just worked out my test will be the long weekend so ill have to wait an extra 4 days. Arghhh. Do you think I should do a home pregnancy test at 10 days? My clinic tests on day 12 but as its a weekend they then don't open till Tuesday.

    helonweels, welcome and good luck

    Rainbow good luck tomorrow

    pixel congratulations. Enjoy this time

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    Abundance - Great news !!! Fingers & toes all crossed for you now. Thank you so much for the information on diet post transfer. I've made notes

    I have heard that too about deodorant etc, then I wonder about nail polish, especially if it's only a day old, as it tends to stills smell quite strong. Sometimes I just go crazy thinking about all these things we should and shouldn't do. Ie... how long are we not meant to wear deodorant for, and if we were wearing it, how long does it take to get out of the system pre - transfer. I'm not poo-hooing it at all and certainly not getting at you, but I'd like to throw it out there, as I've questioned so many things over the past 4 years, & then I hear about pads leaching chemical's up into your body.. which makes perfect sense, and I think, well should we be going organic with those too (expensive!!)... so many ifs and buts ?!!

    Me been me - sometimes (prob most to be honest) I do the home pregnancy test, just to prepare myself. Its just my way of coping... of course it hones me in even more by doing it and then messes with your head either way.... though I've never had the surprise of seeing 2 lines (once maybe... so thin and faint - I had it under all sorts of lights to check if it was real, or maybe a mal-functioning stick!)

    I hope you have lovely relaxing chilled 2 days & acup sounds great before you get on the plane, what a good idea.

    GOOD LUCK... we wait with baited breath for 2 weeks with you. I have a feeling you're going to be another wonderful success story xx

    Jodi - how are you going sweetie? Are you busy planning Novembers trip? Really feeling for you and hope you're ok.


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