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    Quote Originally Posted by Modafinilguy View Post
    In the cases I have mentioned, except the one where I speak of the kid's being "nearly removed" (from the mother of the woman I live with), well the removal of the children was INITIALLY justified.

    However in the largest case I have been involved with, such a multitude of blatantly false exaggerated information, supposedly "factual", was presented to the courts that despite the mother completely ceasing her drug use, and the children having aged to the teenage years the order was extended until they were 18. I feel this very likely would not have been the case, if the information presented to the court not significantly wrong and false. I absolutely KNOW the information was false and wrong (a great amount of it), because not only did I read all the information that was presented to the courts, I was a direct witness in the situation- the only reliable, adult witness (the others were the children and drug addicted mother). I was directly present, the information was false.

    As a result of the "seriousness" that was presented of the situation, a significantly exaggerated perception of the risk of harm was created, the teenage children were continually forced away (with physical force via police) from the families residence and they were forced back into care. These children experienced significant abuse at various times in care, and became dangerously depressed and suicidal by being forced against their will into care, including up to the age of 17. They were exposed to serious danger from constantly running away from care, and having to stay in dangerous environments to evade the police. I mentioned in my post one of the girls was raped while running away, well the same thing happened a couple of years later happened to her younger sister while she was running away from care.

    The social workers had a serious attitude against the mother, I suspect due to personal reasons, and the fact she was a former prostitute and had chronic drug addiction problems. It is obvious to me, that the basic mentality was "we are doing the right thing, create the necessary information to justify the removal of the children". It was obvious to me, being a first hand account of what actually happened, that significant and dramatic bias accumulated in the information present as fact. Indeed I would go as far as to say that I am certain that in various specific cases, evidence was in effect manufactured, to support what they BELIEVED to be true.

    In regards to your statements. You may very well be in a different state (likely). I do not know anything about Child Protection other than in South Australia. I have experienced significant variability in regards to many processes involved in child protection, and your experience may very well be different from mine. But most certainly the youth have suffered significant abuse while in care (as an overall statement of their experience). I am speaking about 6 specific youth.

    It is my strong opinion that in a significant amount of instances Child Protection has demonstrated flawed and dangerous judgment in regards to the reality of these children's situation to which I have been referring, and inappropriate reactions to their situations. I have also witnessed a general incompetence.

    The children themselves, many of whom are now adult, absolutely believe (I am very close to them) that various powers used by Child Protection in the handling of their situations, and various abuse and trauma they have endured are absolutely wrong. They harbor massive resentment and distrust towards the Child Protection department involved. I can also state that they have developed a general distrust of government, and do not trust professional psychologists to get help from, because they believe information they provide will be refereed to Child Protection and misrepresented against the situation. The youth have specifically avoiding getting psychological treatment for this reason, despite the fact they have serious emotional difficulties from their experiences, and likely suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other potential disorders. They do not trust psychologists.

    My biggest problem that I have observed with Child Protection (well actually I could probably list some other big problems), but one big problem I have is the quality of the information the stack up against "abusers".

    You most certainly do not have to believe what I say, and you are welcome to suspect me of being the most depraved predator, but I can assure you from various experience I know that various false information and accusations can occur, sometimes in a significant amount. I have personally been FALSELY accused of things that have caused me great psychological distress, and I am not willing to be more specific than to say that "serious sexual behavior allegations" were made against me, not just once but several. All of these were absolutely and entirely false. Indeed I would actually be happy if the police came and arrested me, and tried to use the information that Child Protection sated against me to charge me. In a court of law, I am most certain, I can clearly demonstrate that the accusations are clearly false. Besides having various evidence which completely contradicts the reality of some of the specific allegations, I have the very powerful voice of of 7 young people (mostly adults now) and I can tell you are willing to strongly assert that there is absolutely no reality to the accusations that were made, and not only that but that they have the uttermost trust and love in me, that I have been of absolute critical importance in their lives, and that I am entirely trustworthy. I have cared for many of these children and young teenagers for many years in total. They have always treated entirely appropriately, indeed with the strongest tolerance, understanding and compassion.

    In regards to the accusations against me, I also have other independent adult witnesses that will state that various allegations against me are utterly false. I have ample evidence of the children's trust and positive affections towards me, a whole heap of very emotional poems, a 50 page book made for me by one of the children when she was 11, and a variety of other items.

    They were once kids and couldn't be heard but they are old and smart enough now to stand up for me, I know they would not hesitate to do so. I have the backing and absolute confidence of a wide variety of people, teachers and people with degree's in psychology, various young mothers, and the 7 youth I have been involved with since young children, that as I have said have mostly reached adulthood. These accusations have not been kept secret among my supporters and the youth, and I can tell you it absolutely believed and accepted by them that the allegations are entirely false and indeed that it is ridiculous they were ever made.

    If it were not for bias, maliciously provided information, and flaws in the quality of the methods used to gather and ascertain "evidence" the accusations would never have occurred. The accusations, besides having drastic destructive effects on my mental well being, deprived these youth for various years having me as a support person, and indeed being able to live with me, but rather forced to be unwilling in state care, in places such as "Residential Care Units", which I can assure you have many aspects open to fair and serious criticism.

    Thankfully, there is nothing further Child Protection can do anymore, and the youth are all now able to have me in their lives. Indeed Child Protection no longer has the capacity to interfere with my involvement in supporting various young people and children in the current situation.

    You are welcome to believe what you want, but I am absolutely assert, that what I experienced in terms of the attacks upon my character were entirely wrong, not justified, and certainly not in the interest of the children.

    If you have read this, thanks for your time.
    Im in qld. Exactly right, I believe what I see first hand. Like I said its my expirience, you have yours. Although I sympathise in the situations you describe its certainly not what I see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennaisme View Post
    This system doesn't seem to be effective though. Why are peoples first instincts to call DoCs if theres an abuse or neglect situation, rather than the police? If, as an adult im harmed by another person through physical violence my first instinct isnt to call someone else, its to call the police, just as if I see an adult hit another adult.

    Wouldnt police and docs being called at the same time work slightly more effectively? The person abusing the kid is immediately arrested for assault, rather than it having to be proved they did it to begin with or that its severe enough.

    I dont know how or why this is acceptablw.

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    Lots of people call the police. In cases where children are involved or at risk, the police involve DOCs. When DOCs has been notified first, if there is allegations of a crime, they involve the police. The hard part is often evidence


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