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    Default it's all getting a bit tough

    Finding it hard to stay positive and out of the PND hole i was once in.
    How do you try to put on a brave face when your told your toddler needs speech therapy and your 5mth old is not gaining enough weight.
    I had a mchn appt last night. DS was always following the 50th percentile for his weight and it's now at 25th. He's also stopped sleeping during the day and feeds 2hourly, probably because my supply has dropped. He wakes once overnight for a feed.
    I feel like a failure. I try so hard to be the best i can be yet its not enough.
    DD is issue after issue. when she was a baby it was feeding issues, allergies ending up in hospital, sleep issues, severe eczema with weekly dr appts. We had a little break and now its her language. FFS give it a rest.

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    Hugs LMM.

    I think your MCHN is full of rubbish about your ds. The fact he is sleeping at all overnight means your supply is enough. Hungry babies do no sleep at all. I'm really sorry that it sucks atm. Hugs.

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    Hugs hun. You are doing your best. Please try to remember that.

    If your ds is otherwise happy I wouldn't be overly concerned. My eldest was on the small side as well, nothing wrong with that!

    It sounds like you've had a lot to deal with with your dd. Take a deep breath and remember you are the best mum for them. I'm sorry it seems like so much to deal with. Hopefully, if your dd does need speech therapy it goes well and you can look back at this time and know you did a good job.
    Hugs again hun.

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    Hugs I have just been thru the hungry baby think with my 6 month old- for 4 months he woke 1-2 hourly overnight, only day slept when he collapsed in exhaustion. I'm an lc so I tried everything to increase supply, and get him sleeping longer. Finally Saturday night I gave him a breast feed then 100mls of formula... I cried as we made the bottle and cried as my husband fed him. He then slept from 8-2, at 2 my breasts were at exploding point so he had a good feed and slept til nearly 6.... I have given the formula each night after a bf for the last 3 nights and at last we are getting some sleep. He is much happier during the day. It was and is very upsetting that my milk wasnt enough but I am hopeful as we introduce solids he decreases his need for formula and goes back to solely bf. I had people suggest formula to be for 4 months before I tried it and it was sheer desperation knowing I couldn't go any longer with no sleep

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    I suffered bad PND and anxiety and had countless issues with ds's allergies, putting on weight, pooing blood, projectile vomiting, diareah etc etc.

    I actually stopped weighing ds when he was younger and taking him to a public chn. I started having a chn that knew mine and ds's history visit us at home instead. Instead of weighing him I judged his health on his appearance (skin colour, alertness, wet nappies etc) and whether he was hitting his milestones. I did this in conjunction with a Chn so ds was always under supervision.

    My ds is about to turn 4 now and is happy and a picture of health. I have long gotten over my PND and ds was weighed for the first time in years the other day and is on the healthy 50th percentile (I seriously cried with relief).

    This too shall pass xxx


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