@FeelinLucky yes it will get better. You will never forget your loss but with time you'll learn to cope with it. I've had 5 miscarriages and all have been very long and painful. But I just tell myself that they were not meant to be and something better is coming up for me. Although it's not always possible to remain positive.
My advice to you is to please try to rest and take care of your diet as much as possible. Try to do something fun or anything that you like doing on a daily basis. For me, walking outside helped a lot. It is difficult to see women around you getting pregnant easily. At the time of my most difficult miscarriage, soon after I got the news of my Sil's pregnancy and then 3 girls at my work got pregnant at the same time. I was very happy for them but you can't help but wonder why it's not happened for you so easily. Please hang in there and take care of yourself. Feel free to come here and vent or complain as much as you want. Oh and I also had counselling which also helped.