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    Default Baby refusing to feed, help.

    So my son is about 6.5 months old and has been progressively getting less interested in feeding the last few days. Tonight to the point of not at all. About two sucks then that was it.

    He doesn't have any teeth but chews on everything and rubs stuff on his bottom gum (rusks, my finger, teething toys etc) so I suspect that they are moving and bothering him a bit.

    But I also went back to work last week for two days a week so he has had two bottles each day I have been at work (3 days) of EBM.

    We use the medela calma so it is meant to make them work and suck the same way as nursing.

    So is this a bottle preference or is it just a coincidence that it has started happening around the same time?

    What do I do to get him back feeding? If he won't feed do I express and feed it to him or will that just encourage the refusal?


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    My first was never very interested in breast feeding and I went through several nursing strikes with her. It's so frustrating and worrying but if your DS is not showing any signs of being unwell then it is probably due to some teething discomfort and I am sure things will get back on track soon.

    Some ideas for you in the meantime;

    Try feeding right after his naps when he's still a bit dozy. My DD would always be more receptive to feeding if she was still sleepy from her nap.

    When you offer a breast feed to him don't make a big deal about it if he has two sucks and decides he doesn't want it. Try as hard as you can not to show any disappointment or anxiety to him about it.

    Feed in a quiet darkened room where there's no distractions. Make it as cosy and snuggly as you can to make it about warmth and cuddles and security as well as feeding.

    Offer often but don't make a big fuss about it

    I hope those tips help, they seemed to get me through many of my DD's trying moments. We got to 15 months in the end so keep at it, I'm sure he'll come round.

    All the best!

    ETA, also if its in relation to teething try to ease any pain just before feeding by offering a frozen face washer that's been wet and rung out before freezing. He might feel more like feeding that way too
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    Thank you so much for your tips.

    He has fed twice overnight fine when it is dark which makes me worry more that he is preferring the bottle.

    I will try the frozen washer today before hand incase it is his teeth. And your other tips. If only they could talk and tell us what was wrong.

    I was trying so hard not to get upset when he was refusing but I couldn't help it. I have already been struggling emotionally with going back to work and now I feel even worse about it.

    If he won't feed do I express when he would normally feed to maintain my supply?


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