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    Maybe give it a week or two and then go back?

    Or if your gyno is anything like my gyno/FS then it can be difficult booking an appointment sooner than 4-6 weeks away!! So maybe it would be wise to book a "just in case appointment" either in 2 weeks or the soonest available if more than 2 weeks away. You can always cancel if AF knocks on your door.

    Didn't mean to freak you out any!!
    I just know there is things I know now that I wished I had the sense to ask about 2 years ago!

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    I was on the pill at 12 and on it for about 12 years so I had no idea what my cycle was like. When I came off of it, it was 51 then 48 then I got to day 50 thought hmmm maybe I should see a dr just in case cos my older sis has PCOS and my other sis is having real trouble conceiving but there is no problems with either of them, it is just not happening. But turns out I was 5 weeks pregnant already on my third cycle. But they were damn long cycles :P No idea how many days it should've been but it did seem like it was shortening

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    Thanks girls for your responses. Still no AF but the last 2 days I've had lots of EWCM, (which I haven't seen for years!), so if AF still isn't here in a couple of weeks ill go see my RE.
    if I am actually ovulating around now, that's one veeeeery long cycle!

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    I was on the Pill for over about 8 years when I went off it cause I thought I should have a break (I was single at the time, so TTC wasn't on the cards at the time). I had cycles of around 35 days before I went on the pill from memory, but like you it was vague. My first 2 cycles seemed normal and were around 28 - 30 days long, then at around 28 days into the 3rd cycle I got PMS like symptoms that were dreadful (couldn't sleep b/c of sore breasts, amongst other things) and those symptoms lasted a long 2 weeks. If I'd had sex I would have thought I was pregnant - thankfully that wasn't an issue at the time. As soon as AF came I was back on the Pill and waited another 5 years til I came off it to TTC for our ds.

    It was on the 3rd cycle that I conceived our ds and I was charting my temps for those cycles so I knew when I ovulated. I had more pronounced (but not severe) PMS symptoms in the 2nd cycle, so I suspect my hormones weren't quite right in the first cycle.

    We then TTCed for #2 a few years later and we just 'took it easy' and thought if it was meant to happen it would. So I didn't chart or use OPK's or anything. Big mistake. Because I had a similar cycle (again on the 3rd cycle) to that long one from many years previously, but this time I was sure I was pregnant, but the urine & blood tests were negative (but did show I did ovulate). So, although my first 2 cycles were around 30 - 32 days, the 3rd one was 43 LONG days. I again went back on the pill after that as I couldn't handle the stress and needed a break (and other reasons).

    Finally, 18 months later we were ready to TTC again and I got pregnant during my 2nd cycle. This time around I was charting my temp and using OPK's to make sure I ovulated (I got the time of ovulation very wrong in that previous long cycle) and they made the world of difference for me. It helped me know when it was likely I was fertile and also when a positive test was even vaguely possible and when to expect AF.

    All the best! There's no reason you can't TTC now. Some women wait for their cycles to 'settle' until they TTC, but I don't see the point. I do recommend charting your temp (even start now) and using OPK's (maybe next cycle) as it could really help.

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    I was on the pill for 10yrs came off 11 moths ago got af straight away but very irregular cycles get af every 2-4 weeks, now seeing an accupuncturist hoping that will help sort my cycles out.

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    I am currently on CD52 first cycle off the pill. We aren't TTC til late this year but my doctor is actively helping me get ready and last time I saw her for bloods for another issue and told her I was a week late she said to come back in a month if AF hasn't shown up.

    So I think there is nothing wrong going back to the Dr - I will be in he next week if AF doesn't turn up!


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