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    Thumbs up really stupid questions about starting mixed feeding

    DD is 5 months tomorrow and so far ebf (apart from a little bit of farex yesterday). I have always been rubbish at expressing, getting tiny amounts, never enough to actually feed her!

    My hand is therefore now being forced - in a couple of weeks, I have an exam and I need to be away from home about 5 hours. DD usually feeds every 3 hours during the day unless she has a long sleep. I tried expressing again on Saturday and got precisely NOTHING so I think I need to give up on the idea of getting her used to taking a bottle of ebm and then leaving it for her.

    I could take her to the exam place and feed her say half an hour before it and then meet DH and DD immediately afterwards - this would make a 4 hour gap which she might survive but I would want to have a backup.

    Questions - we've just started solids and so introducing a sippy cup for water - if I can get her used to that should I also use it for the ff rather than trying to introduce a bottle at this stage?

    Should I do a test run of offering her ff in advance or given that I can bf her within 4 hours, do I not need to bother as she won't exactly starve and so can take the ff if she wants it?

    If she takes it ok, can I then mix feed more regularly or would that be sillly at this stage having got so far with ebf?

    Where can I buy cartons of ready made formula?

    Told you they were stupid questions! Really appreciate anyone's advice.

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    You can buy cartons of ready mixed formula at the supermarket, I think it's s26. But, I personally would not bother. I'd try and find a solid food she loves, or several, and have your oh mind her while you do your exam. Feed immediately before and after.

    My girls at that age would have eaten watermelon endlessly, so my dh could mind them and feed them that if necessary.

    They also liked pear, apricots were a huge favorite. With a sippy cup of water.

    Good luck.

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    I comp fed DD2 & DD3 due to low supply. Everyone told me that they would reject me and prefer the bottles but that didn't happen.

    DD2 got 400ml per day, in the form of one and a half feeds. (On daycare days, she would have it at daycare, on home days it would be afternoon/evening when my supply was lowest.)

    DD3 got 30ml after every feed. She always completely emptied my breasts (until they hurt) and then gobbled up the extra 30ml that was offerred.


    That said, if she rejects the formula, then 4-5 hours wont be too long for her.

    Also, I agree with trying a sippy cup rather than a bottle at this stage.

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    I don't think once or twice formula will be a big deal... I'd buy some of the ready made formula and have some solids pre made maybe something basic like pure apple or pumpkin, ready for your partner to try when you're away. I think its best to have both options available in case she fusses but really if she's really hungry she'll take what ever is offered.
    Good luck :-)

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    I'd feed directly before and after, have you DH offer solids and water if needed and have a backup of formula if desperate. You can buy sachets of powder from the chemist.


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