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    Quote Originally Posted by GM01 View Post
    2012 without a doubt was the year that changed my life- I was 27 and turned 28 in August.

    i was due with my first baby in September, and she very unexpected arrived in May. We both almost died, and she spent 102 days in th NICU/SCN.
    2 weeks before she came home my best friend of over 10 years moved to America without ever being able to meet my DD, she went to live with her boyfriend and it was very happy and sad all at once.
    3 days after we were able to bring my DD home, my dad had a stroke and he never woke up. He passed away 2 weeks later. My daughter's first outing was to my dad's funeral.
    That is so sad

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    2012 was the worst year of my life
    DF lost his job when DS was 3 months old
    I was adjusting to life as a mother with a newborn
    A good friend committed suicide after a fight with his gf (he was also the partner and my best friend so seeing her go through the heartache was aweful)

    My sister and best friend moved to the other side of Australia.

    Also had the worst Christmas of my life after being being scammed.

    I am so thankful for things looking up this year.

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    I am very lucky not to have had much tragedy in my life. The most influential years for me were:

    - 2004 (I was 23) when I moved to London on my own. It was about proving to myself that I could do it and survive, which I did! I learned a lot and grew up a lot. I stayed for 2 years and the job I got started me on a career path I've followed ever since (but in the process of changing now).

    2010/2011 - TTC our first baby and suffering a miscarriage after almost a year of trying, then falling pregnant again and having DD. The massive changes all this brought about in me mentally and the depression I experienced have changed me. I like to think mostly for the better - I have a different perspective on life now and am stronger. DD is the best thing that ever happened to me and I'd go through it all again for her any day.

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    I was 21 when my mum died of cancer ... The most difficult time in my life!

    when I was 28 and had my girl .. Joyful love fest !!

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    1998. I was 13. I can't give much detail as it will identify me, but someone in my immediate family I looked up to, done something overly stupid. It meant the next 10 yrs of my life sucked. Every weekend initially, then 2nd weekend we had a 4 hr drive each way to see them for only a few hours, busted any confidence I had (naturally shy and not confident anyway) it messed with friendships, as often I couldn't spend the weekend as a normal teen.
    I was also debriefed that day about going in to help with police negotiations, and the need for bulletproof vests, hiding etc. We live in a tiny town so everyone knew what my family member done...it wasn't to me, but it wasnt nice. You could hear the gossip as you walked past if they recognised you, the stares, hearing their opinions on the outcome

    But, 2008...I met df, and he regained alot of my confidence, and then some. Made me feel special and helped me discover who I was again, and realise that what had happened back then wasn't my fault and I shouldn't let that rule my life of fear and doubt.

    And best of all... 2011. My ds was born no explination needed on that one
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    2001 met my best friend who I believe is my would mate we have been best friends since we were 10

    2006 - my best friends dad passes away was one of the most amazing people I've ever met exactly 2 weeks to the day after I gave birth to my DS aged 15 & I swear he was standing at the door way so my DS got his name as middle name my way of saying thank u for being such an influential person on my life

    2006- 3 friends commited suicide within 6 months of my DS being born

    2006- my mother took my son from me after she called docs because he had pnenoumia due to her making DS n i live under the house in concrete floor laundry with the dogs using my PND & history of depression & age against me. Because then I need out her house & controll. I had to fight with her & docs for 6 months to prove myself fit & get my boy back

    2007- first miscarraige just after my DS first bday

    2008 - I met my dp who took on my DS as his own his family took us in & showed us what a real family is

    2009 -we moved to north qld & away from my mother ectopic pregnancy

    2010 -moved to nsw to be closer to DP. Family. preg with my DD reconnected with my dad had my DD

    2011- my uncle died 45 years old day before aus day & it ripped me to shreds as he & I were really close

    2012 -split with DP & his family still showed me love. Reconciled with DP about 6-7 months later was the best time to find myself who I was what I wanted & what I wasn't going to put up with. Feel a stronger person for it & put relationship now is better than ever sue to us both growing up & him realising what he had lost

    2013 we are now preg with #3

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    13th July 2010 - I met a short, dark haired, olive skinned man at a cafe near where I lived and he turned my world inside out. We've seen each other every day since then and he is now my DH : goodvibes:

    29th February 2012 - after TTC for 5 months, went in for what should have been an 11 week scan only to be told our gorgeous bubba had passed away 4.5 weeks prior. All that time had passed and I had NO idea

    9th September 2012 - Feeling weird so took a HPT. Barely there BFP just 3 days shy of my estimated due date with my first bubba. We are now 6 weekS away from meeting her. Such a lovely surprise and I know in my heart of hearts my belly bub is being looked over by her big brother
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    2008 when my first son was born.
    2009 when our house burnt down, then my best friend was killed in a car accident (she was 37wks preg)
    2011 when my second son was born

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    2001 Met DP & fell in love, moved to Australia to be with him & start a new life - very happy . 6 months later fell very ill with mystery virus, left me with lots of long-term issues, have never fully recovered. Changed things so much for me that I feel I've had 2 separate lives, pre & post-virus.

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    2009: 1. Granddad past away
    2. House Burnt Down in Fires
    3. Lost my Baby
    4. My Dog passed away at 9

    2011: Birth of my beautiful baby girl

    Sent from my Unicorn.

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