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    Default Seriously unhappy. Need help :(

    Hi ladies.

    I have an issue I really need to get out off my chest.

    My weight over the last few years has yoyo'd quite significantly. Before DD was conceived (late 2009) I got from 98kg to roughly 75kg. When I gave birth I was 90kg and after her birth I got to 86kg. I stayed there for a few months. When she was about 3 months old I decided to try Duromine. Given I have ADD, and Duromine is similar I the drugs to "control" ADD I got no nasty side effects and got down to about 72kg. I was happy, I enjoyed my body, I felt comfortable. Then I got part time work at McDonalds, and over about 6 months I put back on everything I lost.

    We then moved and I continued to put on until I was about 90kg. I managed to get to roughly 85kg by walking, and drinking lots of water.

    Then I left the ex. I got up to 96kg. I have Compulsive Overeating Disorder, which is much harder to control when I am emotional. I then joined a gym, which changed everything. I was eating very little (shakes for breaky and lunch and small meals for dinner with lots of water). In a 1 month and 20 days I lost 10.6kg, and 28cm. My body looked amazing, and I was happy. Then my body gave in on me, and I had to take some time off. I started getting injuries and decided to take 2 weeks off. It was then I started exams and I just couldn't find the time to get back. Then I started working, and moved out, and had dramas with that.

    I've now made it back up to 93kg. And I couldn't be more depressed.

    I didn't even shower since Wednesday until this morning. When I don't have DD I barely move off the couch. I have no motivation, I don't want to leave the house. I hate even speaking on the phone unless it's to DP (who is the most supportive person I could ever hope to know).

    I just need some tips on how to get my motivation back... I do suffer from depression and anxiety but when I lose my weight (every time) it's always been ok, and manageable. Also medication (I'd tried several kinds) doesn't help at all.

    Thanks ladies xx

    ETA- Another thing grating on me is the fact that my other half lives interstate, and I've put on 10kg since he last came here to visit me (probably 5 since the last time I saw him) so, even though he adores me (he waited over 7 years to have me - we've been good friends for a long time) and he says he doesn't care, and wants to spend his life with me, and have kids with me etc, I don't want him to see me and be like "Oh, wow. Yeah she wasn't lying about putting on weight". I don't want him to be disappointed when he sees me.
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    H lucymoo,

    first of all good on you for admitting you need some help, and for wanting to do something.

    It sounds like you have had some great achievements in the past, so you should celebrate those, be proud of what you have done before, and remember that you can do it again.

    It's very hard not to doubt the feelings of another person, but it sounds like your partner really means what he says as well, so remember that you can draw on him for support too!

    I don't have much advice except that maybe it might help to go through a program so that you have someone to help you with your motivation, e.g. weight watchers or jenny craig, where there is a consultant keeping up to date with you?

    Another avenue would be to see a dietician?

    And last suggestion is to call the austalian government weight loss helpline, I am not sure of the number but I would say you could google it...I think it is free, and they could help you to set some goals and get motivated.

    All the best and you can do it!

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    Default Seriously unhappy. Need help :(

    Hi OP. I would strongly suggest like PP said on seeing a dietician. They are fab! I lost 25 kgs with mine.
    You can see your GP and ask about a care plan, where Medicare fund 5 visits per calender year. You would fall into the criteria having said you are an emotional eater. I would also be seeing your GP about your current state and get under a treatment plan.
    Good luck xx

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    I'd forget about the losing weight part for just a second, and go see your GP. If you don't even have the motivation to get off the couch and shower, that's not normal. That's probably linked to some sort of mental health issue, and needs to be addressed. It's easier to sort everything else out once that's dealt with, because you won't be fighting with that at least.

    I have no easy answers. I've always been fat, so in the end I had a type of weight loss surgery known as the gastric sleeve - basically a large portion of my stomach has been cut out and removed, permanently, meaning I can only eat small portions of food for hte rest of my life. Obviously it's hard to binge and over-eat when you physically cannot anymore.

    Still, I have to eat a certain way after the initial loss in order to maintain/continue to lose, and I think that if you somehow managed to eat similarly, you'd lose too.

    The focus for me is high protein, low carbs. Never go carb-free - it's not sustainable. But if you focus on protein, then you're making oyur body feel fuller for longer, and it will hopefully mean your body will feed from it's fat stores. I still eat bread and stuff, but if you cut BACK on breads/pastas/potatoes/etc... as well as unnatural sugars (I still eat lots of fruit, but cut back on lollies, have NO sugary drinks, etc). If you do that, and fill yourself up with lots of salads and veges, you should find that the weight will begin to move.

    Of course, it all depends on portion size too... and controlling your binging. I have no answers as to how to do the binging thing either - obviously my binges are only controlled due ot hte fact I had surgery, so I don't know how you can stop emotional binges.

    Perhaps a dietician may help too. They'll be able to give you a diet plan, assess your ideal weight (based on more than just BMI, which can be unhelpful and unrealistic for many people) and give you a rough idea of what you can do to lose weight. You can get a referral from your GP to see one, to help make it a little more affordable.

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    Default Seriously unhappy. Need help :(

    I live the suggestion of Jenny Craig an WW, but forgot to add I'm broker than broke. I'm living at mums, paying $340 a fortnight for a house that I don't live in due to the ex housemate being unable to support herself this causing major issues.

    I am on PPS and FTB with CS but after advance repayments I'm only getting roughly $580 for PPS, $230 for FTB & $260 in CS. I know that's more than a lot of people get, but I'm paying $370 a FN as I'm still stuck in a lease, $130 in car repayments a FN, $57 monthly for insurance, $100 monthly for phone, if I'm working (which ATM I'm not - due to the unreliable ex housemate I couldn't afford petrol so was considered unreliable by work - I'm an aged care worker in the community) I go through $200 weekly in fuel (and get probably that much more per fortnight after the deduction from PPS for earning income), if I'm not I'm paying between $70 & $90 a week in fuel. $50 a fortnight in daycare fees as well.

    Right now (still catching up after Chrissy) I can't even afford to buy food so that's all on mum.


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