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Sometimes I wonder if working from home actually makes things better or worse...forr example it sounds like you are not only trying to do your paid work but, like many women, you're also trying to do all of the other domestic jobs in that time too...you can't not SE all of the washing, dishes, dirty floors etc Lunch hour could become the laundery hour...

I know your partner works long hours too but is there anything else that you could delegate to them...?

You must be a heck of a well organised woman to do all of this...kudos to you....!!!....but you deserve to organise a way to have a little less to fit in....and you deserve your partner's support with this.

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Lol I was thinking the same but having to drop kids off at daycare and going out to work then picking them up again before heading home to make dinner sounds just as crazy ...
Plus I love being home with DD!
I'm going to cook simple meals at rest time when I can.

My DH is getting better, he washes dishes and tidies kitchen, will help if I ask lol

Lifes just busy so I think more down time on the weekend is needed too a nice bbq in the sun while dd plays in the sandpit/water tray and we can relax with a bottle of wine sounds perfect but lately were all rush rush , must be the festive season

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