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    Default baby only sleeps in car capsule

    sophie is 8 weeks old and since day one in the hospital refuses to sleep on her back.
    I've managed to get her to sleep in the bassinet for 4 hrs but only a hand full of times and after battling for hours, I'm guessing she falls asleep after being exhausted by that point. She also only does that when using a winter (fluffy and soft) sleeping bag but its getting to warm to use that anymore.

    I have tried white music, holding her till she falls asleep, swaddling and unswaddling, rocking the bassinet, changing the mattress to one a bit softer and propping the head up a little (this only gets her to lay for a few minutes happy before she starts crying), I've put star lights to get her to look at something while in the bassinet.. again she'll stare and be happy for some minutes only to start crying again. I have 2 rolled towels in the bassinet to her sides (away from head) to make her feel contained. I've put one of my shirts in the bassinet but that doesn't work.
    I've put her there completely asleep but she wakes up the minute I don't hold her.
    The only way to get her sleeping is in the car capsule or on our chest.
    On the play mat she also hates laying flat, she'll cry straight away.
    The moro reflex gets really bad when laying on her back and that upsets her.

    I also tried persevering, I persevered for 2 weeks allowing her only to sleep in bassinet. The result was an overtired, unsettled cranky baby.. she did sleep there but after hours and hours of trying and trying (basically my whole day was dedicated to it) and she never reached a point of being comfortable or happy in the bassinet so eventually i just went back to allowing her to sleep in the car capsule or on my arms just so both of us could get some rest.

    I bought 2 different swaddles (ergo cocoon and love swaddle). She hates them, she wiggles and gets very unsettled with them. She likes to suck on her fist and have her arms free to soothe herself but the moro reflex disturbs her so I don't know what to do!

    i've tried a lot more than just this, I am frustrated and don't know what to do which is why I thought maybe someone here has gone through this or has an idea I haven't tried already.

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    Default baby only sleeps in car capsule

    Hugs for u. So hard when they can't tell you what's wrong.

    Sounds like she hates lying down and this is classic sign of reflux baby. Most are big spewers but if its silent reflux this could be the only sign. Might be worth checking it out with MCHN or GP or Paed.

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    get a good baby carrier (like a hugabub or close carrier for a newborn) and just carry her for a few weeks for all her naps.

    when she is more rested, and has matured a little try again with getting her to sleep in her bed.

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    Assuming the car capsule is detachable and you have it inside the house, whats wrong with bub sleeping in the capsule? From what you've mention I agree with pippi she might have reflux which means sleeping somewhat upright is most comfortable.
    Its really heartbreaking when bubs get so tiered they just keep crying, I would do what ever works best, I had DD sleep with me in her basinette on the couch I even had a nap in her cot with her once so where ever worked... it wont be forever!
    Forgot to add DD also loves her car capsule and has in many occasions slept in it (inside the house of course) I guess its the snuggly feeling it gives...


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