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    Default Interesting true story on Abortion in VIC on ABC

    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle_N View Post
    I had my 12 week scan and the baby was diagnosed with fetal hydrops. I saw the heartbeat and the limbs moving and was told that the baby's chance of survival was slim to none and a termination was recommended but they also said I could continue with the pregnancy if that was what I wanted.

    I opted for the termination as I couldn't imagine bringing a baby with severe health issues into the world which who she a burden on me and my family as well as society if it did survive gestation.

    It was an incredibly difficult decision to make and yes seeing the heartbeat made it all so much more difficult to terminate but I did the best thing I could do in the situation.

    I am sure that there are people here that would revile me for making that decision...why didn't I try? Who knows maybe the baby would be ok? If I am going to make a baby I should cope regardless.

    So to the quoted point...I had a scan...it made it harder and more real but didn't change my decision.
    I can't see how anyone could revile you. Bubbas life was out of your hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennaisme View Post
    Also, I actually do think the planet is trying to get rid of the human race. But that's a whole other discussion.
    I think so too sometimes... I don't think we're supposed to be as widely spread as we are. WE're supposed to get sick and die... not live until we're 110. But even if the planet was trying to eradicate/cull us, I don't think it'd be picky about race, religion, sex, etc... so the point about the Nazis still makes no sense.

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    I can't believe this thread got to 23 pages without it being closed...Well done peoples!!!!

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    Abortion has to be legal. A woman must always have the right to make her own choices in regards to her own body.

    As for when is it "too late" though, I agree with some of the previous posters. If a pregnancy has gotten to the stage where an abortion would entail inducing labour, and that unwanted baby will be born breathing and viable, the idea of then "terminating" that baby, or withholding medical care, is absolutely abhorrent.

    I think no matter how pro-choice you are - the idea of terminating a living breathing baby just because it's unwanted is a little off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by headoverfeet View Post
    Late term abortions are generally not carried out on healthy pregnancies except in extraordinary circumstances- fetal abnormality and psychosocial reasons. LTA aren't handed out like lollies.
    I haven't read further than this post yet, so apologies if this point has already been raised. But this argument seems contradictory to a "100% pro-choice" stance. If you (general you) are completely supportive of a woman's right to abort her pregnancy at any stage, it should not matter what her reasons are. It shouldn't matter whether she's dying or the foetus is severely compromised or she did wake up at 35 weeks pregnant going 'stuff this, I don't want this baby'. It's her right to decide what to do with her body, no matter her reasons. So saying late term abortions are OK because women should always be able to make that choice BUT someone else gets to decide whether that choice is really, truly, honestly valid... well, that's not 100% pro-choice at all, really.

    FYI, intellectually I agree with the argument that it's the woman's decision and right to terminate a pregnancy at any point up until that baby is born breathing. But ethically the idea of an abortion past the first trimester makes me want to throw up.

    *eta, I should have read the next page, clearly other people had thought of this already. As you were
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