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    I got bored once, I wiki'd something, I found out yes people have a fetish for lactating women.. Not just men.. and not just people interested in women either..

    I somehow found a page that gave natural methods for inducing lactation even when not required fr the fetish purposes...

    Don't ask me How or WHY I found it.. but I did.

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    I wouldn't insist on wearing closed shoes in public because of people with foot fetishes.

    I have a good friend who has a pregnancy 'fetish' I guess. He finds pregnant women really attractive and gets really embarrassed about it.

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    Default Best friend + creepy fetish

    At any time you could be catering to someone's secret fetish with no idea. Like the pp with the guy who likes bikini strings and halter tops. There's no way you could possibly know about all of them, so I say carry on and don't worry about it

    But, I do understand that it's easy for me to say that because I don't personally know any lactation fetish people lol!

    Oh and ps, I once came across a website catering to people who had a fetish for muddy high heels :-O (I was trying to find the best way to clean a pair) and there were models wearing heels in the mud and then you can buy the shoes to keep!!! Hahaha!

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    Default Re: Best friend + creepy fetish

    Ive heard of men finding it sexy.... though "lactating woman" not 'breastfeeding child". While we never have its a major no go zone for me while lactating a lot of partners like boob milk.

    Also fertility, maternalness (ermm yeah not a word) etc are all things men are hardwired to find attractive. I think it's a pretty Tame, harmless and understandable fetish.

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    Default Best friend + creepy fetish

    It actually doesn't sound that weird to me

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    Default Re: Best friend + creepy fetish

    What I think would be good to remember is a fetish is just something people find to be a major turn on for them. For example, for me it‘s an Irish accent or broad shoulders, or muscled guys wearing tight wife beaters.
    For a guy I dated once, it was women who read.
    Your DH may do something, or wear something that is a big turn on for you, doesn‘t matter who does it. So, maybe he runs his hands through his hair a certain way, has nice fingers, wears a certain deoderant. It‘s an unconcious thing and unless he‘s sitting next to you getting himself off while you bf your child, I wouldn‘t worry too much about it. It‘s not a concious thing, he doesnt find lactating breasts attractive inte tionally and to be honest, the fact it‘s you doesn‘t matter. I have a friend who‘s a sadist. He enjoys people inflicting pain on him. I occasionally threaten to rip his ears off as a joke. His reply is always ‘‘promises, promises‘‘. It doesn‘t matter that it was me, it‘s just what he enjoys and I do occasionally forget it. He‘s never made me feel uncomfortable about it, and he laughs about it. He never asks women to hurt him outside of a relationship\the bedroom, even though he finds it a turn on, and if someone accidentally injures him, you won‘t find him off in a corner moaning and pleasuring himself over it.
    Like all ‘‘fettishists‘‘ he knows that it needs to be a mutual kind of sexual gratufucation in it, or there‘s no fun and it becomes dirty.
    To the point(I know this is long. Sorry. Lol) I wouldn‘t worry about your friend. He may find lactating breasts attractive but you won‘t find him in bed, imagining your breasts while he pleasures himself and you wont hear him moan if you breastfeed your child around him, or get any gratification from it.

    I will, however, advise you to think very hard about how much your friendship with your friend means. If you reject him now that he teusted you enough to tell you, you may find yourself lacking a friend.
    Nothing hurts as much as broken trust and the rejection of a part of you that you have no control over. You may find that he wont trust you again and the friendship won‘t be the same.

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    I don't think it's that weird. I mean, it's not my thing but *shrug*. It makes sense, just as the idea of a pregnant woman being a turn on makes sense. They're both indications of fertility, and men instinctively head towards obviously fertile women. It's hardwired into them to go after females that are guaranteed to continue their genes.

    Obviously not EVERYONE feels that way, but ya know... Not that weird when you look at it that way

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