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    Default Supportive families and abusive families

    Whyare some families so caring , supportive , connected , understanding , will fight for justice and protect
    while others are so abusive and don't batt an eyelid if their own is abused
    i was abused horrifically in my life by my mother and brother
    who don't bat an eyelid when others abuse me .
    I see stories of brothers families nursing sick sisters , caring if they are abused , fighting for justice
    and I knew if my psychopathic ex who plotted to kill me would have succeeded that my family would not have bated an eyelid or fought for justice like others that do
    My brother tries to shut me up by abusing me just like my ex did
    so he won't have to b caring
    im about to try a counselling session to see if once in 50 yrs he will hear me out but I doubt it from what he's saying

    Why are some families the foundation of strength and others abuse us and drain our strength

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    I do not know why. I really hope the counselling works to help you with your issues, but I wouldnt be trying to get my brother to hear anything if I were you. I would use the counselling to help myself first and foremost.
    Im so sorry to hear that you have had such a terrible time with your family and ex. Much power to you as you work through all of this.

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    Default Supportive families and abusive families

    I have no experience in this topic, so my advice may be useless. But I will give it a go. You are right, some people are lucky enough to be surrounded by good people. For others we need to make our own luck. I think you have been very unlucky in being surrounded by people who have not supported you and it would seem that you are choosing the same types of people as your chosen family. I agree with pp...you need counseling for you first and foremost. If your brother and mother don't have your best interests at heart I would try to start a life away from their influence. Hope it gets better for you. I have a lot of sympathy for your situation.

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    Default Supportive families and abusive families

    Firstly, I'm so sorry that you've had to experience the things you have. You're so right, sometimes life just isn't fair. And there are some nasty people in this world.
    But I'm a big believer in that you can't always choose what happens to you in life but you can choose how you deal with. Do you let it define you, or gain strength from it and become the best person that you can?

    I agree with a PP. Counselling for yourself is a great idea, so you can learn to love yourself and move on.
    I wouldn't even bother with your brother or mother for that matter. Cut them out of your life. People like that don't deserve to be part of it.
    Good luck.


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