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    DD was eating a ginger nut biscuit tonight and I gave her a piece of broccoli to eat (she already had dinner I was just curious if she would eat it not mashed up). She puts the broccoli on the biscuit and takes a bite. DP and I were trying not to giggle thinking she would go 'yuck' and she she goes "Mum!" then holds out biscuit out to me "Mmmm num num num" and shoves it back in her mouth and eats her broccoli gingerbut biscuit repeatedly saying "Mmmm num num, oh yum, mmm"

    We then gave her a slice of zucchini and she picks it up in her hand squishes it and goes "What?!" then licks it and says "Yuck". She then threw it at her dad lol.
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    I'm obviously very biased, but my gorgeous just turned 3 year old says, "I'm a cheeky monkey," whilst wearing an extremely cheeky grin and trying to do monkey movements....

    My just turned 1 year old (who is obviously also gorgeous) snorts and rocks her head, arms and body backwards and forwards in sheer delight when she thinks something is funny! Ironically, it's when she looks at me?!?!

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    If I cough she will pat me on the back and say "right mummy?"

    If she's done something naughty and I use my serious voice with her she will say "see-see mummy" (= sorry mummy)

    She can't say 'catepillar', she says "pitter-patter" instead hehe. She also can't say swimming and says "wee-see" instead. Very cute

    She likes to bite her lunch into funny shapes and play with it (it turns into a phone or a horsey or something).

    If she wants to dance she HAS to have a tutu on. If I put on some music and ask if she wants to dance she will go 'oh no! Tutu!!' and run off and get a tutu to wear.

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    Bit older than a toddler but Jasper cracks me up. He's been talking to baby katelyn either in a high pitch baby talk things like "you want pears? You want pears now? Are you hungry?"

    Or the other day he couldn't get her attention because she was going to town on her sophie giraffe so he takes it off her, flings it across the room and says "you a big girl now katelyn you dont need giraffe" *snort*

    Oh and I love with food he tells me "I cant like that, it's not yummy for me" or if he sees me having medicine or something unpleasant says "what's that? is that not yummy for you?" Lol.

    He still occasionally refers to katelyn as "the real baby" ( as opposed to being a dolly )

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    If I am thinking hard or just staring into space my DD will come up and gently rub her palm on my cheek and say "wot wong mummy?" soooo cute.

    Last night at the dinner table DD said "my tummy is sayin yummy yummy"

    She will often shove a toy or whatever she is playing with up the inside of her shirt and pretend she has a baby. Then if I pick her up she'll say "you just hurt my baby" or "shh! you just woke my baby" in a cranky tone.

    DD also calls our cat her brother "My brother charlie is naughty" lol

    This isnt something she says but DD will often break out in a random dance. She's got some good moves on her too! My faves are the hands-on-the-hips-with-a-bum-wiggle or when she bops he head along to music in the car. OR when she puts her hand out like she's a DJ scratching a record lol.

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    Ds is 26 months,

    He says 'wake up mummy ' every single morning.

    Has just started saying good morning back when i say morning bubba.

    His newest thing (and i have nfi where he got it) is 'I LOVE x' (trains, thomas, soup basically anything he really likes he goes oh x, I LOVE x)

    If i say 'are you my monkey?' He responds with ooh ooh aah aah :/

    He also says NO, I WONT when he doesnt want to do something.

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    These are all so sweet. Kids r the best.

    DD is butterfly mad atm. She finds pictures of them everywhere ' Buerfly' she says pointing enthusiastically.

    Shes a clean freak and finds little crumbs and puts them in the bin. She now puts her dirty clothes in the basket too.

    Any food in a cardboard box she thinks are her muesli bars and grunts and grunts to get one lol.....

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